How To Breed Anglow In My Singing Monsters

Check out this guide to know the Breeding combination to get Anglow in My Singing Monsters.

In My Singing Monsters, you are responsible for building an entire world of Monsters. The ultimate objective in this game would be to breed two different Monsters to breed a new one. While you may be eyeing several other Monsters, Anglow is something you should not miss out. For those who don’t know, this Monster falls under the category of Water and Mythical-type creatures. However, the game does not explain much about acquiring this Monster via breeding. That being said, here’s how to breed an Anglow in My Singing Monsters.

What is the Breeding Combination for Anglow in MSM

As mentioned above, you need at least 2 Monsters to breed and obtain a new one. Hence, while trying to get Anglow, you should breed Pummel and Scups on Water Island. Although, keep in mind that while breeding, the success rate of obtaining the desired Monster is not 100%. Similarly, the success rate of breeding Pummel and Scups to obtain Anglow is not 100% either.

How To Breed Anglow In My Singing Monsters

Thankfully, you can increase the chances of obtaining Anglow via breeding with the help of a Wishing Torch. It can be bought for 10,000 Coins from the Structures section of the Market. Once obtained, you will have to pay for 2 diamonds to light the Wishing Torch for a period of 24 hours. Also, you can pay 100 Diamonds to permanently light it up. Up to 10x Wishing Torches can be placed on an island once. During the Breeding process, you will be informed about the lit Torches on the island. Each one of those Wishing Torches will increase the chances of successful breeding of Anglow in My Singing Monsters.

Further, once you have fed Anglow to level 15, you can teleport it to the Mythical Island. On an important note, while on the Mythical Island, one more Anglow can be acquired by an unsuccessful breeding of Cataliszt and Anglow.

That covers everything on how to breed an Anglow in My Singing Monsters. While you are here, make sure to check out our other guide on How to Breed a Shugabush in MSM.