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How To Breed Bees In Minecraft – Easy Honey Farm Guide

Learn how to breed bees in Minecraft from this guide.

Bees are our Honey friends that were introduced in the Minecraft 1.15 Update for Java Edition & 1.14 Update in Bedrock Edition. Their introduction had brought along a lot of useful stuff. But today we will be talking about our busy friends. In today’s guide, I will explain how to breed Bees in Minecraft.


How to Breed Bees in Minecraft

bees in minecraft

Breeding Bees in Minecraft is pretty straightforward. Like every animal in Minecraft, you can breed the Bees by feeding them Flowers. Feeding two Bees will put them in Love Mode and they will spawn a Baby Bee. You can use any Flower to do this step even Wither Roses, although the latter one will hurt the Bees in the process.

Before you can breed Bees, you will first have to find them. Here is how you can get them.


How to Get them in Minecraft

They are commonly found in Biomes with a lot of Flowers. Here are the generation percentages for a Bee Nest to spawn in Minecraft.

  • Meadows – 100% (Both JE & BE)
  • Plains – 5% (Both JE & BE)
  • Sunflower Plains – 5% (Both JE & BE)
  • Flower Forest – 2% (JE), 3% (BE)
  • Forest – 0.2% (JE), 0.035% (BE)
  • Birch Forest – 0.2% (JE), 0.035% (BE)
  • Old Growth Birch Forest – 0.2% (JE), 0.035% (BE)

As you can see, you can get Bees pretty easily in Meadow Biomes and on the sides of Oak or Birch trees. The Best way to obtain Bees, at least to start off your farm, is to collect the Bees Nest with a Silk Touch Axe. Using an Axe makes it easier to collect the Bees Nest & Silk Touch is the only way you can get it without breaking it. Once you have a Bees Nest, put it in an area where there is a lot of Flowers. Preferably, make a platform of Flowers next to the Bees Nest in Minecraft. Once you have placed the Bees Nest, start the Breeding process if you have more than one Bee in Minecraft.


Also under the Bees Nest, place a Campfire. A lit Campfire will pacify the Bees when collecting Honey or Honeycomb from the Nest. When a Bees Nest is full of Honey, the appearance of the Nest changes, Right-Click on it with a Glass Bottle to get a Bottle of Honey or Right-Click with Shears to get Honeycomb.

Simple Honey Farm

Basic idea is to breed a few Bees that you will collect from the Bees Nest to make more Bees, collect the Honeycomb to make Beehives to accommodate more Bees, and the cycle continues till you have reached your desired amount of Bees. Under each Beehive & Bees Nest, make sure to place a Campfire in order to pacify the Bees when you will go to collect Honey or Honeycomb. Another point to keep in mind is to have a large platform with Flowers on top. This will allow the Bees to pollinate and it will allow them to make Honey.


This was all about breeding Bees in Minecraft. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in making your simple Honey Farm. You can also check our guides on Honeycomb, Honey, or How To Farm Honey Bottle And Honeycomb Walkthrough in Minecraft.