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Minecraft: How to collect Honey?

We need to have a talk about the birds and the bees

Wondering How to collect Honey in Minecraft? Look no further and follow our guide to obtain some Honey.

We need to have a talk about the birds and the bees. Well, about the bees actually. It has only bee-n a few months since the new update added these chonky pollinating creatures in the game. And true to life they form honeycombs that contain honey in them. Honey is a highly useful resource that can be farmed, formed, and put to use. Follow these methods to collect some honey in Minecraft.

How to collect honey?

How to get Honey in Minecraft

Obtaining this sweet, sweet nectar is actually a hard task. It is difficult to find as honeycombs usually spawn in areas with dense vegetation. If you happen to cross paths with a bee, you can follow it and it will take you back to its nest.

Now comes the hard part, collecting the honey from the hive. You can opt for the painful path and go and keep hitting the use key on the beehive. What this does guarantee is you getting stung.

If you do have the time you can choose to go about it in a more civilized and cautious manner. Inspect the hive and if you happen to see honey dripping from the sides you can be assured that you will be able to go away with ample amounts of honey.

Once you’re done with scouting, make a campfire and place it under the beehive in such a way that the smoke goes upwards hitting the hive. Smoke has a calming effect on the bees and helps to pacify them to a good extent. You can now happily go ahead and collect some honey in your glass bottle. Now you can remove the campfire and merrily bee on your way.

The honey can be used as food. It fills three blocks of hunger and can remove any poison that’s afflicting you. You can make crafting blocks of honey. This honey can also be used to make Sugar. Sweet.
This was all you needed to know about How to get Honey in Minecraft. While you’re looking for blocky objects you can look at how to make a Smithing Table or learn how to tame a Parrot.