Minecraft: How To Make A Smithing Table

Want to craft a Smithing Table In Minecraft? Here are the steps you should follow to make it happen.

There are a lot of items you can craft like a Lodestone, Hopper, Barrel, Shield and much more. But you are here to know how to make a Smithing Table In Minecraft and that’s what we will tell you right here. A Smithing Table is a utility block that you can find in villages. This will help you upgrade diamond tools to Netherite tools so it’s pretty important. Although you can find it during exploration, crafting is what will let you put it where you want to place it.

How To Craft A Smithing Table In Minecraft

To craft a Smithing Table In Minecraft you need to combine Wood Planks with Iron Ingots. Specifically, you need 4 Planks and 2 Iron Ingots. Any Plank is fine, there is no particular one you should go for. You can choose from oak, birch, jungle, spruce, dark oak, crimson, acacia or warped planks. With these materials, you can craft one at a crafting table easily. This will help you transform your diamond equipment and turn them to Netherite ones.


Follow these steps to make a Smithing Table in Minecraft Survival Mode:

  1. Open up your Crafting Menu.
  2. Add the ingredients to the Crafting grid.
  3. Place them in the order where the two ingots are in the first row and followed by two planks in the bottom two rows.
  4. With the help of this crafting recipe, you can make a Smithing table.
  5. When it appears on the right, drag it into the inventory.

As you may already know, Netherite Tools are the strongest gear that can withstand damage thereby letting you use them again. The Smithing Table lets you create the Netherite Sword, Netherite Pickaxe, Netherite Hoe, Netherite Helmet, Netherite Chestplate, Netherite Boots, Netherite Leggings, Netherite Axe and the Netherite Shovel.

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