Best Minecraft Village Seeds (2023)

Want to check out the best Minecraft Village Seeds? Well check these out for the best loot, resource and treasures right here

These best Minecraft Seeds will provide you with the best starting point in Minecraft, there is a guarantee of abundant resources, buildings, and villages for players to explore and build something of their own. Each new biome will give players a new perspective and a ton of things to do, so make sure that you do not miss out on any of these best Minecraft seeds for this month.

Best Minecraft Village Seeds For 2023

All of the seeds below contain a ton of resources and treasures for players with a village nearby to the spawn point, but that is not all. There’s so much more than you can explore and we’ll let you decide which one you think is the best seed to check out.

Best Minecraft Village Seeds For January 2021


As soon as you get into this seed, you will find a nearby village with a bunch of people inhabiting it. There’s a ton of loot for you to get added with an armory. While this already sounds overwhelming, it is not the end of it as there’s so much more. If you dig down from the well, you will enter a cave system leading you up to the stronghold.

The cave system in itself is extensive with a lot of resources, this probably has been our go-to seed in Minecraft and we highly recommend that you check this Minecraft Village Seeds one out simply for its beauty.


If you want to grow a bustling community of your own with little to no peril, this seed is the best. A complete contrast to the previous one. Here you will get two villages divided by a river, this means that you will have endless resources and you can progress pretty easily in the game.

This village provides the best starting point for those who wish to speedrun or explore the vast lands entirely, a seed that fits all those who visit it and while things can seem to be a bit calmer, you can always ransack the village and get all the loot, armors and resources for your own.


There’s an abandoned mineshaft under the village in this seed which guarantees a surplus of minerals and resources for anyone who is wishing to jump into this adventure. A bit different from the earlier seeds, this one makes it up with a landscape of ever reaching savannah that you can explore for days.

Look for treasure chests, or explore the mine shafts until your heart desires, the village on top offers a ton of things as well and is pretty near from the spawn point. This is one of our favorite Minecraft Village Seed.


Continuing on the topic of mineshafts, this seed has two villages, a mineshaft, a pyramid and so much more. Each village has a different aesthetic to it and will give players so much to explore and venture out of their comfort zone. You can build as there’s a lot of space in between for you and if you wish, you can always visit the desert temple in search of new things.

Make sure that you check out all the hidden treasures and secrets this seed holds within itself, a must-try for all Minecraft enthusiasts.


If shipwrecks are something that you fancy, then you will love to know that there are two of them in this seed, along with some buried treasure and village close by the spawn area. This will ensure that you will always be full of resources even before you set out on your adventure.

Moreover, you should make sure that you seek out the treasure map, as it will lead you to treasure as you’ve never seen before, it simply is one of the best Minecraft Village Seeds that you can check out right now.

While this isn’t the entire list, we will keep updating as and when we discover new Minecraft Village seeds that we think everyone should check out at the soonest.

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