How To Disenchant Items In Minecraft – Remove Enchantments Easily

Wondering how to disenchant in Minecraft? Follow this guide to get answers to all your queries regarding disenchantment.

It is evident that you would have enchanted several items to make them stronger. However, at times it is important to disenchant the enchanted items, and that’s what we are here for. This guide will walk you through how to disenchant in Minecraft.

How to Disenchant in Minecraft?

You can disenchant in Minecraft by the use of Anvils to combine enchantments or the use of Grindstones to remove enchantments. But you will need to craft both of them first before using them.

How to Craft Anvils to Change Enchantments in Minecraft?

How to Craft Anvil in Minecraft

You can build an Anvil with four Iron Ingots and three Blocks of Iron. Once you have the Anvil in place, all you need to do is put two exact same enchanted items in it. Anvil will combine both the items and make a new one, which is even stronger than the individual.

Anvil comes in handy to craft better-enchanted items. There are limitations to how much you can enchant a particular item in Minecraft. But Anvil lets you combine even two maximally enchanted items to craft a stronger one.

How to Craft Grindstone in Minecraft to Disenchant?

How to Craft Grindstone in Minecraft

You can craft a Grindstone in Minecraft by placing a stone and woods in the crafting table slots. Alternatively, you can also get a Grindstone from a blacksmith. Grindstone is used for both repairing and disenchanting. It will ask you if you want to repair or disenchant. All you need to do is place the enchanted item on the top of the table and it will be disenchanted.

The only problem with Grindstones is that it can only disenchant un-cursed items. This means that you will have to first un-curse a cursed item to disenchant it.

That’s everything you need to know about how to disenchant in Minecraft. While here, ensure reading how to craft a hopper, a barrel, and a shield in Minecraft. These guides will help you craft valuable items that are useful in the game.