Minecraft – How to Farm Honey Bottle and Honeycomb Walkthrough

Cure Poisoning or Create New Blocks

Do you want to farm Honey in Minecraft? Here is a walkthrough that can help you to get honey in Minecraft and teach you how to craft beehives. You can call bees after constructing beehive and later farm honey from it to cure poison and create some new fancy blocks. Bees are recent addition in Minecraft, cute little flying blocks will pollinate plants and offer you the sweet reward of Honey. If you are struggling to find honey in Minecraft then here are is a step by step guide on everything from finding bees to collecting honey from beehives in Minecraft.

Where to find bees in Minecraft?

To find bees you will have to find potential areas where they can pollinate and this is where they build their nest. Bees nest is usually located on oak or birch trees near plains with sunflowers, or another kind of flowers in the forest region. The denser the forest is the higher the chances of finding bees in Minecraft.

Every Bee Nest has around three bees, and if you are unable to locate then just follow any bees in the forest and it will take you directly to the nest. So this is the first thing to do is find some bees and scan the region with flowers around. You will find them buzzing around.

How to Craft Beehive?

Now to breed bees you will have to craft Beehives, it is the nest from where you can harvest honey. Bees will be pollinating from followers and then storing them in the beehive. When you have a beehive there will be more bees joining up soon giving you a chance to harvest honey faster. More bees mean the honey will fill up faster.

Honeycomb can be harvested both from bees nest and hives. The issue of harvesting honey from beehives is that they can attack you. So here if you are setting up a beehive it is a lot safer, to draw way the bees just set up a campfire near the beehive. Take care not to burn them, you can try this below the tree also where you find a nest.  A hive can store upto 3 bees at a time.

Bees will die in 20 seconds after biting you, you can use the honey to build Honeycomb blocks or craft more beehives. Below is the recipe for both.

How to craft Honeycomb Block in Minecraft – Recipe

  • Honeycomb x4

How to craft Beehives in Minecraft – Recipe

  • Honeycomb x3
  • Wooden Planks x6

How to Farm Honey?

When a beehive is filled with honey you will see honey dripping from it, this means now you can farm honey from it. After filling up the honey they will exit the hive. When Honey Level reaches 5, the appearance of the block will change indicating it is full of honey and it starts dripping on the ground. Do not farm without burning a campfire  or fire near the beehive or else the bees can attakc you. Use Glass Bottles to fill up the honey. You can use honey to restore 6 Hunger. It can also be used to cure poison.

How to Mine Bee Nest in Minecraft?

If you are not in a mood of crafting beehives on your own then you can mine honey from the nest. If you spot one then you will need Silk Touch an enchantment that can make blocks to drop when mined. Before mining place a campfire below the nest. Use Silk Touch to drop the nest, there can be around 1 to 3 bees in the nest, without fire they will attack you.

How to Mine Beehives in Minecraft?

You can mine beehives by almost any tool, there is no special requirement for this one. But if you have an axe then you can complete the task faster. You cannot mine Bee Nest using axe they will not drop, you will need silk touch + a campfire for this.