Boom Arena, The Clash Royale Ripoff – Is It Good?

After the Clash Royale shutdown attempt, players are planning to move to Boom Arena, a CR ripoff.

Until recently, many players came across Boom Arena on Google Play Store and are calling it a Clash Royale ripoff. And they’re not wrong, the game certainly is a clone of the most popular battle royale game, CR. It not only features a similar gameplay mechanic but even the cards have similar traits & abilities. However, the cards do have a different name and appearance. Despite being a ripoff game, many users are enjoying playing Boom Arena and considering switching to it. So let’s see what the copy of Clash Royale has to offer and why is it trending.

Players are Switching to the Clash Royale Ripoff, Boom Arena

A Clash Royale Ripoff, Boom Arena Is Trending - Will It Replace CR is it good

Yes, you heard it right, many players around the globe are planning to switch to Boom Arena, the Clash Royale ripoff. This is happening due to the heat CR got on his latest Card Evolution update. Where the devs, Supercell added a new upgrade level 15 to the cards. And to reach it the requirement is pretty high, going up to 50,000 Elite Wild Cards. The players who were not happy with the update even started a movement. Where they asked CR players around the globe to not play the game for 48 hours. So they can get the attention of the devs on some UI and other game issues. This event took place on June 27th at 15:00 UTC and wasn’t a success.

GLOBAL – SHUTDOWN event! June 27th UTC
by u/Ok-End-8960 in ClashRoyale

However, players are still planning to move to Boom Arena because of its simplistic gameplay. For those who are not aware, the game offers Fair Matchmaking, where no cards are overpowered and have the same level. Moreover, there’s no card unlocking required and the user gets access to more than 80 cards for free. Apart from that everything stays the same as CR, so the veterans can dive right into the PvP battle. But it seems the Boom Arena won’t be able to replace Clash Royale, as it needs some more development because the game is filled with glitches. But it’s still worth noting that at the time of writing, it has reached 10K downloads and has a 4.5 Stars rating on Google Play Store.

That summarizes everything about the Clash Royale ripoff Boom Arena and why it is trending. If you haven’t heard it yet, Microsoft considered acquiring Square Enix to push Mobile Game Pass. There’s also a rumor going on about the Microsoft making Activision games Xbox exclusive.