Will Microsoft Make Activision Games Xbox Exclusive?

Is Xbox trying to make COD exclusive? Here's where you can find out will Microsoft make Activision games Xbox exclusive.

Amidst the ongoing trial between FTC and Microsoft, many gamers have been wondering about the fate of Activision on PS consoles. Ever since Microsoft’s $68.7 billion worth acquisition of Activision was announced, PS players have been dreading the day Call of Duty becomes an Xbox exclusive. While it seemed technically possible, the CEO of Xbox, Phil Spencer has stated otherwise. That’s because he has repeatedly assured us that COD would remain a multi-platform franchise since day one. But taking the ongoing FTC trial into focus, what deal is on the table? Will Microsoft make COD exclusive to Xbox? Here’s where you can find out if the Activision games will be Xbox exclusive.

Will Activision Games be Xbox Exclusive?

Will Activision Games Be Xbox Exclusive

No, Activision games will not be Xbox exclusive according to the most recent FTC v Microsoft hearing. Considering the concerns about Microsoft’s impeding cloud gaming monopoly, Microsoft has ensured the regulators that they won’t make Call of Duty or other Activision titles Xbox exclusive for 10 years. In addition, the company has offered a 10-year deal for the COD to Nintendo and Sony.

According to this 10-year contract, Microsoft has offered both companies to make new COD releases available on the same day as Xbox consoles. Luckily, Nintendo has shaken hands with Microsoft and agreed to the contract. While as for Sony, the company has refused to sign the deal so far.

During the ongoing FTC hearing, when Judge Corley asked for testimony under oath that future versions of COD will be available on PlayStation, Phil Spencer replied:

“Absolutely. Will raise my hand”

This brings us to Sony’s CEO, Jim Ryan’s comments to see COD on PlayStation consoles for the foreseeable future. In an email that was presented and viewed by the IGN reporter in the Microsoft-FTC trial, Ryan stated the following:

“I’m pretty sure we will continue to see Call of Duty on PlayStation for many years to come”

Although this contradicts his earlier comments, he further explained by saying, “They’re thinking bigger than that, and they have the cash to make moves like this. I’ve spent a fair bit of time with both Phil Spencer and Bobby Kotick over the past day. I’m pretty sure we will continue to see COD on PS for many years to come

As Xbox’s CEO, Phil Spencer, continues to defend the acquisition of Activision against FTC and other regulators, it seems the Console Wars won’t end easily.

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