Is Xbox One Dead? What Happens Next?

Being a successor to Xbox 360 while paving the way for new-gen consoles, Xbox One has stuck around for a long time. Though it has been out for more than a decade, many players grind on the best Xbox One games, till now. But as all good things must end, Microsoft is done with this old-gen console’s production and development. So, how will it impact the current owners of Xbox One consoles? And what is the future roadmap of Microsoft? Here’s where you can find out if the Xbox One is dead.

Is Xbox One Dead?

Yes, Xbox One is dead as officially confirmed by Microsoft. It was revealed that Microsoft discontinued production for all the Xbox One consoles at the end of the year 2020. According to the report by The Verge, Cindy Walker, the Senior Director of Xbox, stated the following:

To focus on the production of Xbox Series X | S, we stopped production for all Xbox One consoles by the end of 2020

But what about its game support and development? And will they stop making games for Xbox One? Here’s where you can find out:

is xbox one dead

Will Microsoft Stop Making Xbox One Games?

The answer to that question is Yes. In an interview with Axios, Matt Booty, the Xbox Game Studios Chief, confirmed that they will be retiring Xbox One. He stated, “We’ve moved on to Gen 9“. Except for the support for ongoing games like Minecraft, no internal teams at Microsoft will be working for old-gen consoles. However, Booty added that Gen 9 games are playable via Xbox Cloud Gaming tech on Xbox One. He stated, “That’s how we’re going to maintain support“.

Considering that this year’s Xbox Showcase 2023 game titles had no native support for Xbox One, Microsoft won’t be putting any effort into developing new games for old-gen consoles. But as you can play Series X and Series S games on Xbox One, it still counts as a win.

How Old is the Xbox One now?

Being a third addition, Microsoft unveiled Xbox One in May 2013. This makes it more than ten years that this console has been running games. While suffering quite a few backlashes over the years, this old-gen console paved the way for global DRM and internet connection in current consoles.

As of June 2022, over 50 million Xbox One units were sold which is great considering its bumpy start. However, compared to Team Blue, Sony sold over 117.2 million PS4 units till now. But aside from the sales, the current access of different tiers of Game Pass subscriptions and a broad collection of games originates from Xbox One.

In the end, it showed the way for the current new-gen consoles. If not for Xbox One, we may have not gotten the current features of Xbox Series X and Series S. So, let’s not forget about its long-lasting imprint and legacy.

Without making it sound like a eulogy, here’s an old Xbox slogan to raise your spirits, “Life is Short. Play more”.  

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