Microsoft Considered Acquiring Square Enix To Push Mobile Game Pass

New updates from Microsoft's legal battles indicates that they planned to acquire Square Enix.

Latest updates from the ongoing Microsoft vs FTC legal battle indicates that they wanted to acquire Square Enix to bolster their presence in Asia and push plans to introduce Mobile based Game Pass. The legal battle comes after Xbox’s 69 Billion Dollar offer to acquire Activision. Internal documents have revealed numerous Microsoft plans over the course of the last three years including the potential plans of acquiring Sega, Niantic, and a few other companies.

Microsoft Wanted to Add Square Enix to Boost Xbox Game Pass Portfolio

Microsoft Considered Acquiring Square Enix To Push Mobile Game Pass

The legal battle between Microsoft and FTC has revealed numerous internal documents displaying the plans that Xbox has had over the past few years. Square Enix is one of the big names in Asia, especially considering how much influence they have with the Final Fantasy series. Xbox viewed them as the best way to make their presence in Asia with their acquisition plans (via The Verge). However, there is no clear indication whether there was actually any interaction with Square Enix. So far, the documents have only confirmed that Microsoft wanted to add Square Enix to their Xbox Game Pass portfolio.

Xbox had a three part reason for wanting to acquire Square Enix. While entering the Asian market and improving their Xbox Game Pass content were two important reasons, the documents have also revealed that they planned to get a foothold into mobile gaming in order to push a Mobile exclusive Game Pass in the future.

“Combining Square Enix’s robust mobile-native portfolio with our own could potentially help us create a mobile-native Xbox Game Pass SKU,” was written in one of the documents. This is not the first time that Xbox has tried to enter the Mobile gaming business. They have previously considered acquiring Zynga along with a few other companies. If all goes well for Microsoft, they will soon acquire King along with Activision and finally have a step towards the mobile exclusive Game Pass.

That’s all we have on Microsoft Wanted to acquire Square Enix to boost Xbox Game Pass portfolio. If you are worried whether Microsoft will make Activision Games Xbox Exclusive, check out all you need on it right here. We also have more exciting News on our dedicated section and you can check them out right here at Gamer Tweak.