How To Get Evolution & Wild Shards In Clash Royale (Farming Guide)

Looking forward to evolving your cards in Clash Royale? Then, check out how you can farm Evolution & Wild Shards easily.

The new Clash Royale update brings Evolution Shards that can be used to evolve your cards. This magic item will grant new powers to the cards in order to make them stronger and faster than they were before. As of now only a few Card Evolutions have been released and a lot more will arrive soon. To unlock a Card Evolution you’ll need a sum of 6 Evo Shards or Wild Shards. So make sure you start stacking up and be ready to activate the evolved characters. If you’re not sure about where you could get this new magic item then we’ll help you out. Below are all the methods to farm Evo & Wild Shards in Clash Royale.

Ways to Farm Evolution Shards to Evolve Cards in Clash Royale

Evolution and wild Shards In Clash Royale How To Get

There are several ways to find & farm Evolution Shards or Wild Shards in Clash Royale, such as.

  • Progressing through the Pass Royale
  • Completing Challenges
  • Free Level-up Chests in King level Progression
  • Season Shop
  • The Shop

These are all the ways to obtain Evo and Wild Shards in the game. For a better understanding let’s take a look at farming methods in detail.

Progressing through the Pass Royale

The Pass Royale is one of the easy methods to obtain the Evolution Shards. Here all you have to do is get more Crowns by knocking the enemy’s towers in order to unlock the free rewards. You can increase your chances of getting the new magic item by buying the Diamond Pass. Also note, the newcomers can only track their Pass Royale progress after reaching King Level 7.

Completing Challenges to get free evo shards to activate cards evolution in clash royale ways to farm

Completing Challenges

As soon as the update was out, the devs also released an Evolution Challenge in the Events tab. In this limited-time event, you can unlock 1x Wild Shard at the end of the challenge path. If you’ve missed this opportunity, then don’t worry, and stay tuned, a new event or challenge will arrive soon.

Free Level-up Chests in King level Progression

Another best method to unlock Evolution Shards in Clash Royale is by opening the Level Up chest in the King Level Progression. There’s a guaranteed Shard drop in the every second chest you get after reaching King Level 50. In other words, the chests will Purple Arrow are the only ones that can get you this new Magic item to evolve your cards.

Season Shop

Players can also grab the shards from the Season Shop after reaching King Level 8. To make a purchase you’ll need plenty of Season Tokens that can be obtained from Events and the Pass Royale. However, the Evolution Shards will only become available after the next season update.

free wild shards in shop CR

The Shop

If you can’t wait to try out the Cards Evolutions then you can always skip the grind and buy the bundle from the Shop. The in-game shop features various launch special offers that you must take a look at. There you’ll also get a chance to unlock all the latest Cards Evolutions in one go. However, don’t forget it will not come for cheap and will cost you real-life money. While you’re in the shop make sure you grab the 2x free Wild Shards that are available for a limited period of time.

This is everything you need to know about how you can farm the Evolution Shards to evolve cards in Clash Royale. If you’re planning to start your grind, then do check out the best Decks to guarantee your win. Also, take a look at the list of the best names for your clan.