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Blue Keycard Locations In Warzone: Open Locked Stadium Rooms

Know where to find the blue access cards in Call of Duty: Warzone season 5. Use these Blue Keycard locations for the Stadium in Verdansk to enter rooms.

The season 5 update of Warzone is a big one. Along with the option to inspect weapons, get into a train, you also have new weapons like the AN-94 assault rifle. Plus, there’s a brand new Warzone Mini Royale mode which is a shorter, more chaotic version. Yep, it is an eventful update which has also made the Stadium accessible now. There are a few blue access cards that you can find to enter some closed rooms. What are the Blue Keycard Locations for the Stadium in Warzone season 5? Here’s where you need to look.

Where to Find Blue Keycards in Warzone Season 5

There are 3 blue keycards in the Stadium and they spawn at random. They are EL21, P216 and CL19. Note that every keycard has an access code. If you want to know the locations where they’ve been found, they are – the garage area, in the stands right next to the field, under a staircase, in the bar area and as drops from opponents. Basically, you need to know the stadium well to know where to look. These key cards will have a glow so once you are nearby, you can spot it easily. Remember that they won’t be in loot boxes.

Now, how to open the stadium’s locked rooms and where to find them? Here’s some more information.

EL21 Blue Keycard Warzone Location

This keycard will open up a room that is on the top most Stadium floor. Players will get loot and will also see a computer that shows a code upon approaching it.

P216 Blue Key Card Warzone location

With this code, players can enter a room that is connected to the garage (lower level of the stadium). You will get loot and killstreak rewards.

CL19 Blue Key Card Warzone location

This keycard lets you open the room in the bar on the first floor of the stadium. Again, you will get some loot crates here.

In all of these locations, you have to interact with the keypad to get access to the closed room. So, go ahead and begin your hunt for the blue keycards in Warzone season 5.

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