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Warzone Mini Royale: How Does It Work?

There's a new mode in Call of Duty: Warzone and if you want to know what is it and how does it work, check this guide.

Mini Royale is a brand new Battle Royale mode added in Warzone Season 5. This is equally exciting and intriguing because there’s a lot of information that players are looking for. Like, how does it work? Where to find this mode? What is the Warzone Mini Royale Squad size? We have explained everything that is known about Mini Royale in Warzone right here.

What is Warzone Mini Royale?

As the name suggests, it’s a mini version of the original format of Warzone. So, in place of 150 players, there will be less players, making the matches significantly quick. To play this version you must download the latest update and when you do, you will see Mini Royale right in the main menu.

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In the Mini Royale games, only the first and last five minutes of the game will have the usual Battle Royale rules. This means that combat and movement will be constant and everything will get more rapid than usual. It will be beautifully chaotic where aggressive, high-kill strategies will reign supreme.

Mini Royale Squad Size: How Many Players?

There will be squads of three and the number of players is 75. The action will start instantly hence it is important to be ready from the get-go.

So, that’s basically what Warzone Mini Royale is. The Season 5 update has been quite a massive one with a lot of new changes. There’s also a highly-awaited new feature of inspecting weapons that players can finally take advantage of without using any reloading trick. Read all about it in our quick guide on How to Inspect Weapons. With this feature being live, players can take screenshots or videos of their own customizations and share it with the world.

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