Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List with all the best UR, SSR, SR, & R characters ranked.

Our Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List will you all the best characters ranked. With more than 40 fighters, choosing the best team might seem confusing. With this tier list, you may find and assembly your perfect team to take on the bosses right away.

Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List

Here’s a Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List according to Reddit users. Some of these lower characters might work well for some players. Even the same applies to the higher-tier characters. So with that out of the way, here the tier list for Bleach Immortal Soul.

Bleach Immortal Soul

S Tier

Aiden Attacker, High Single-Target Damage, Disorient
Grimmjow Attacker, Crit, Follow-up Attack
Kenpachi Attacker, Extreme 1 Row Attack, Unlimited Rage ATK
Kyoraku Tank, Counters Attack Speciality Characters, Rage ATK recovers HP
Lisa Back Row triple Attacker
Toshiro Attacker, Freezer, DEF Reduction
White Ichigo Attacker, Bleed, Control, Clean Up
Yamamoto Attacker, Burns All, Stun, Rage Reduction
Zangetsu Attacker, Bleed, Stun, Rage Reduction

A Tier

Byakuya Attacker, Bleed
Gin Attacker, Bleed Bonus
Ichigo Attacker, Bleed, Rage Recovery
Kensei Tank, Block, Taunt
Matsumoto Tank, AoE Silence
Mayuri Attacker, Poison, Paralyze
Rukia Attacker, Crit, Entangle
Soi Fon Attacker, Crit, Instakill
Tosen Attacker, Back Row Bleed
Urahara Supporter, Shield when Attacking Bleeding Targets
Yachiru Attacker, Silence, Dispel

B Tier

Hiyori Tank, Lifesteal
Isshin Attacker, DoT
Komamura High HP Attacker, Low HP Tank
Love Tank, DEF Reduction, Burn
Orihime Support, Row Healer
Renji Tank, Stun
Tessai Tank, Reflect Damage, Support
Unohana Support, Group Heal, Group Rage Recovery
Yoruichi Tank, Damage Reduction, Crit

C Tier

Ikkaku Tank, Bleed, Dispel
Isane Support, Heal Over Time
Jushiro Attacker, Crit, Follow-Up Attack
Nemu Attacker, Culls the Weak
Sasakibe Attacker, Numb, Ignores Defence
Shinji Attacker, Finisher
Shuhei Tank, Numb, Bleed
Yammy Tank, High HP, Reflect Damage
Yumichika Tank, Steals Rage

D Tier

Chad Tank, Stun
Ganju Tank, Stun, Burn
Hanataro Support, Healing Attack
Hinamori Attacker, Silence, Team Dispel
Kira Attacker, Counters Healers
Kon Attacker, Crit, Disorient
Omaeda Tank, Anti-Attacker
Ururu Tank, Silence, Rage Recovery
Uryu Ishida Attacker, Row Crit Buff

That’s everything you need to know about the Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List for 2024. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Tier Lists for all the popular games.