BitLife Secret Agent Data Breach Guide (Hints, Passwords, And Logic Pathways)

Don’t want to fail attempts and complete Data Breach infiltration mission in BitLife Secret Agent expansion? Here are all the hints, passwords, and firewall layouts explained.

BitLife expansions are indeed something else. The latest update and pack Secret Agent lets you create your own Secret Agency and become a spy who goes on a different mission to infiltrate rival servers and complete tasks assigned to them. By successfully performing a Data Breach, we get access to their agent files, funds, and mission dossiers. We can even transfer the money to our bank account from there.

As interesting as it sounds, it is not easy to infiltrate even the low-security ones. While hacking their server, you’ll come across at least one firewall. The only way to bypass these firewalls is by solving the puzzle or selecting the correct passwords before the time runs out. Thankfully, for us, they provide a hint, but since you only have a few seconds, solving them can be anxious. Now that you have made your way here, you don’t need to worry about those; open this guide and answer them during the task.

All BitLife Secret Agent Infiltration Hints and Passwords

Bitlife Secret Agent Infiltration Hints and Passwords

These are all the firewall passwords and hints we came across during infiltration. If we find more in the future, we’ll add it here:

  • A Gnawing Feeling – Mastication
  • A Serious Tissue Issue – Gangrene
  • Always Follows and Never Leads – Reflection or Shadow
  • An Issue for a Tissue – Dingleberry
  • Ass Before Alter – Fornication
  • Bareback4life – Sidesaddle
  • Burst of Cosmic Light – Quasar
  • City on the Island – Zanzibar
  • Davie Bowie – Labyrinth
  • Deliberate Damage – Bumfiddler
  • Delivered in Unmarked Packaging – Vibrator
  • Destroyer of Documents – Bumfiddler
  • Exciting for Astronomers – Galactic Bulge
  • Freddie Mercury – Zanzibar
  • From Lead to Gold – Alchemy
  • Fun for Adults – Vibrator
  • Hand Gestures – Pantomime
  • Hanging by a Hair – Dingleberry
  • It Has Hands But Cannot Clap – Clocker
  • Keeps the Doctor Away – Apple
  • Keycode – Password
  • Likes it Dirty – Washing Machine
  • Literal Chemistry 101 – Alchemy
  • Non Verbal – Pantomime
  • Not a Pachyderm – Elephantiasis
  • Occurs Annually – Birthday
  • Parasitic Disease – Elephantiasis
  • Plastic and Fantastic – Barbie
  • Popular Baseball Stadium – Peanut
  • Richard the Lionheart’s Final Demise – Gangrene
  • Serious Inflammation – Elephantiasis
  • Silicon Valley Girl – Barbie
  • Structure Designed to Make Lost – Labyrinth
  • The Home of the Goblin King – Labyrinth
  • Unseen by the Naked Eye – Galactic Bulge
  • Vibrate When it Spins – Washing Machine
  • Wide Open Entryway – Agape
  • Will Swallow – Mastication

How to Solve Firewall Layout Logic Pathways in Missions

How to Solve Firewall Layout Logic Pathways in Missions
Image Credit: Queenfifss on YouTube

During missions, your agents often encounter a firewall where they have to reconfigure the logic pathways to bypass it. And they will go for the obvious choice, contacting you. Now you have a few seconds, some colorful dots, and a question: how does it work? The solution is pretty simple: you have to connect the dots of the same color without leaving any space, just like in the picture above.

Save this list to complete all BitLife Secret Agent Data Breach infiltration missions and bypass logic pathways of the firewall. Once you have done that, read our Ken Enough guide to complete the ongoing challenge.