BitLife: How To Complete The Ken Enough Challenge

The Ken Enough challenge is the latest weekly challenge in BitLife and this guide will help you complete it with all requirements.

BitLife allows you to experience the life of your character and influence it with the decisions that you make for them. Since the game would get monotonous if that was all there is to it, the developers keep on introducing weekly challenges to make the game interesting. One of the latest ones, the Ken Enough challenge in BitLife will last for four days and is inspired by the Barbie movie character Ken.

If you are looking to complete the challenge, there are a set of objectives that you will need to get over with. Although they won’t be that difficult, you have only 4 days to get them correct and if you miss one, you will have to restart the challenge. If you are having trouble with the Ken Enough Challenge, this guide will provide you with everything you will need.

How to Complete the Ken Enough Challenge in BitLife

Bitlife Ken Enough Challenge solution

These are the objectives that you will need to do to complete the Ken Enough Challenge in BitLife:

  • Be born a male in California – From the Custom Life option, players need to select the Male gender option and then select the USA as the country. After that, they need to choose any one of the Californian states to be born in.
  • Have 100% looks – Having 100% looks in BitLife is a little time-consuming but simple. Simply hit the gym, take part in physical activities like sports and regular walks, and visit the salon frequently. However, if you fail to get the 100% looks with these, plastic surgery is the only option left.
  • Never have a full-time job – As the name suggests, avoid full-time jobs at all costs. While part-time is a good way to build up some money, a Social Media gig is what Ken needs to create his income and build a strong audience. Do note that if you start a full-time job, you will have to restart the Ken Enough Challenge in BitLife.
  • Purchase a horse – Before you can buy a horse, you will need to get a ranch. However, you will need to earn a lot of money for that to happen. If your Social Media gig pulls off, you can buy a horse pretty easily in BitLife.
  • Be best friends with a woman you’ve never hooked up with – Develop a friendship with a woman and then spend some time with her before eventually asking her to be your bestie. If you manage to avoid any romantic involvements with her, you will be able to complete the Ken Enough challenge in BitLife.

That’s all you will need from this guide. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other BitLife guides right here at Gamer Tweak.