Bitlife: How To Make A Friend An Enemy

Destroy your friendship and turn loved ones into enemies.

Do you want to turn your friend into an enemy in Bitlife? Well, the life simulator does emulate real life and is a pretty similar process overall. So, let’s find out how to make a friend an enemy in the game.

How to turn a friend into an enemy in Bitlife?

To make your friend an enemy you will have to commit various hostile acts to the specific person. These hostile acts can include abusing your friend. You can also spread rumors about a specific friend to get them to hate you. Doing so will make you hate them and they will declare you as an enemy.

However, it is never so easy now, is it? You will have to go the extra step and make a lot of friends in the game. This is because even if you do commit hostile acts against a person chances are that they will initially unfriend you rather than declare you an enemy. So make sure you accept every friend request that you will come across in the game so that you have a good enough base even if you have just a minor falling out with one friend.

How To Make A Friend An Enemy In Bitlife
Get more friends so you have a higher chance of making enemies.

Another thing you can do is make sure you turn all your classmates into friends when you are in school. You can access them via the classmates’ list while you are in school.

Now, with all the preliminaries done all you need to do is put on your mean face and start acting cold. Spreading rumors and hurling insults are the best way to turn someone into your enemy. However, you do need to remember that not everyone will become an enemy. Some will simply unfriend you. So, all you have to do is keep trying.

Also, you will need to learn this method as it is an important part of the Real Housewife Challenge in Bitlife.

This is everything you need to know about how to make a friend an enemy in Bitlife. Now that you are here make sure that you have a look at how to escape from Jail and how to get an equestrian property.