Bitlife Escape Prison Guide: All Jail Maps & Layouts (2024)

In this guide, we provide you the way to escape every prison map in Bitlife.

This guide has everything you need to know to escape all prison/jail maps in Bitlife. From becoming a famous YouTuber to buying a ranch for yourself, there is nothing you cannot do in the game. If you decide to walk the wrong path and go wild out there committing crimes, the game has prisons too. There are regular security prisons with minimum to medium security and maximum security prisons. You will be jailed according to the crime you commit. However, nobody likes being stuck in either of these jails, so naturally, you will want to break free. But jailbreaks are not a walk in the park. So to save you from prison time, we have gathered all the jail maps in Bitlife and how to escape.

How to Escape From Prison in Bitlife?

Here’s how to escape from prison in Bitlife:

  1. There is one security guard on the checkerboard along with you
    • He will make two moves for one move that you make.
    • He will not just take two moves in any direction; he will make those moves toward you, starting horizontally.
  2. If the guard catches you while escaping, you will have a few more years added to your sentence for attempted escape.
  3. The trick is to block the security guard in the maze walls so that his move set is restricted, allowing you to escape from prison in BitLife.
  4. There will be 3 sided boxes in the Bitlife jail that he can be trapped in, and you can quickly move towards the escape.

Bitlife Minimum and Medium Security Prison Maps

These are all the minimum and maximum prison map solutions for escaping in Bitlife.

1. 3×4 Prison Map

2. 3×5 Prison Map

3. 4×4  Prison Map

4. 4×4 Prison Map 2

5. 4×4 Prison Map 3

6. 5×4 Prison Map

7. 5×5 Prison Map

8. 5×6 Prison Map

9. 5×7 Prison Map

10. 5×7 Prison Map 2

11. 6×5 Prison Map

12. 6×6 Prison Map

13. 6×6 Prison Map 2

14. 7×4 Prison Map

Maximum Security Prison Maps in Bitlife

The maximum security jail is a tough nut to crack and escape from in Bitlife. You will end up in a maximum security prison only if you have committed some serious crimes like murder or attempted murder.

1. 8×7 Prison Map Layout

2. 8×8 Prison  Map Layout

3. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

4. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

5. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

6. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

7. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

8. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

9. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

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