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How To Get An Equestrian Property (Horse Ranch) In Bitlife

Here's how to buy an Equestrian Property in Bitlife.

Have you ever fantasized about buying a horse ranch? Well, this is something that’s possible in BitLife  If this is your goal, then know that Equestrian property is pricey, but it grants you access to owning a horse, and you can have many of these magnificent creatures. So here’s how to purchase an Equestrian Property in BitLife, whether you’re a royal, won the lottery, or are just really rich.


How to Buy an Equestrian Property or Horse Ranch in Bitlife?

To buy an Equestrian Property or Horse Ranch in BitLife, you have to buy an asset with the word “Equestrian” in the name. The assets, though, are in the millions of dollars, so while buying one is easy, saving up the money can take some time.

How to Buy an Equestrian Property in Bitlife

If you are in need of more guidance, then follow below steps:

  • Select Assets.
  • Go shopping by clicking the Go Shopping button.
  • Then find Real Estate Brokers by scrolling down.
  • Seek for Equestrian Property through one of any brokers available.
  • Purchase it outright or apply for a mortgage.

Purchasing and owning an equestrian property or horse ranch in BitLife is similar to purchasing and owning any other kind of property. If an Equestrian Property does not appear on the registry there are many ways to solve this. You should consider aging up one year and checking again or restart BitLife. When you reach the age of a year, the Real Estate Brokers should have to brand new listings for you. Restarting the app has the same result, but you can use one of these methods before you find the property you want.

To summarise, when going shopping, the Equestrian Properties can be found under the assets tab on the home page. In the title, it should include “Equestrian Property.” This real estate properties range in price from $6 million to $10 million. We strongly advise pursuing a career that supports this lifestyle, whether it’s as a professional athlete, a well-known author, a doctor, a lawyer, or some other lucrative occupation you’ve created.


That’s everything you need to know about how to buy an Equestrian Property Horse Ranch in Bitlife. While you are here and want to try different professions, check our other Bitlife guides that will help you out.