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How to Increase your Athleticism in Bitlife?

Here’s how you can get fit, at least in Bitlife?

Bitlife is a life simulator game and just like regular life, it’s necessary to keep up your athleticism here as well. Life simulator games are very popular and Bitlife is no exception. With regular updates Bitlife keeps the game interesting and players hooked in. You can start the game as a character of any age or gender and it will build a backstory for you from parents to life history. Once your character is made you need to build it and keep updating it just like real life. We all know how common obesity is in real life which why your character in Bitlife is also very prone to it. Let’s see how you can increase your Athleticism in Bitlife.

How to Increase your Athleticism?


Increase athleticism Bitlife

Many times characters start with zero athleticism but there are ways to build it. Until your character reaches middle school there is nothing you can do to increase your athleticism. In middle school, you can start with walking for 2 hours after which you will see some improvement in your athleticism meter. After walking try taking some martial art classes. Keep taking the martial art class and complete all its achievements as it will give a significant boost to your athleticism. Once you are 12, start going to the gym and meditating. Keep doing all physical activities like walking and soon you’ll be accepted in one of the sports teams at school.

You might not be allowed to do some physical activities so try with Jiu-Jitsu as it is easy to get permission for that. If rejected by the sports club try weightlifting as it will help increase your chances of acceptance. Keep doing these until you are in High school and once in high school join any of the sports clubs. If you check now your athleticism it will be increased by 50%, if you want to increase it more try any physical activity available. As you will be 18 or older almost all physical activities will be accessible for you.


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