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How To Become A Famous Youtuber In BitLife

Here's all about the Youtuber profession in Bitlife. Want this career? Then check out the steps to follow in this guide.

If you want to become a Youtuber in Bitlife, a famous one at that, then there are a few things you need to know. Content creation on Youtube is a career that can give you a lot of fame and money so here’s how to make it happen.

How to Become a Youtuber in BitLife


To become a famous Youtuber in BitLife, ensure that your character has good looks, smarts and health. Create a Youtube channel when you turn 13 years old. You have to make an account from the Activities > Social tab. You may also get a notification about it so go ahead with that. With that done, you have to begin posting Youtube videos to start your career. Make videos related to dances, cute cats, vlogs, unboxings, how to, review products, post about hauls, gaming, Bitlife, political content and more. Consistency will help you create a strong foundation for your Youtube channel and turn it into a profession/job.

How To Become A Youtuber In BitLife

Slowly, your subscriber count will grow and you will get fame. When you have enough subscribers to become a social media influencer, you will be on track to becoming a famous Youtuber in Bitlife. Your mission now is to monetize your channel so that you can earn money from it.


Now, being a famous Youtuber will take a lot of Youtube videos and hard work every year. Even Pewdiepie did the same and that’s the path you need to take in this game too. Once you have popularity, a loyal fan base and viral videos, you can easily become a famous Youtuber in Bitlife. It is one of those jobs that can make you famous and pays the most.

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