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BitLife: How To Become A Psychiatrist

Here's how to successfully become a Psychiatrist in Bitlife.

There are a variety of jobs you can take up in this game and if being a psychiatrist is what your dream is then there’s a way to do it. In this guide, we will explain how to become a successful psychiatrist in Bitlife.

How to Become a Psychiatrist in Bitlife (Career Guide)


To become a psychiatrist in Bitlife you have to follow below steps:

  1. Increase your smarts to more than average smarts (read books and other activities).
  2. Study extra time for good grades during both secondary and high school periods.
  3. Apply to university with a medical or science major
  4. Complete college also with good grades.
  5. Apply to medical school.
  6. Start working as a Jr. Psychiatrist.

Bitlife How To Become A Psychiatrist


Make an effort to work hard in school so that you can graduate from high school with good honors. Having good grades has to be a focus if you want to become a Psychiatrist or some other well-paying career in the medical profession. Apply to university and declare a specialization in either of the sciences or medical fields, such as Biology, Chemistry, or Nursing. Other alternatives could also be viable. Feel the urge to keep studying and graduate with honors. You’ll want to go to medical school, and you’ll almost certainly want a scholarship to pay for it.

Make sure you do well in medical school and prepare diligently each year. You’ll most likely have high intelligence at this stage, which will help you find work. After graduating from medical school, you will begin working as a psychiatrist. Apply for a role as a Jr. Psychiatrist by going to the job tab. You should be able to pass the interview and get the job without difficulty. Congratulations, you’ve earned the title of a Psychiatrist in BitLife.

Once you have done all these above tasks, you will successfully become a Psychiatrist in Bitlife. While you are here and want to try different professions, check our other Bitlife guides that will help you out.