BitLife: How To Join The Mean Girls Clique

Here's how to do the Mean Girls Challenge in Bitlife. Find out how to join Mean Girls Clique.

According to the description provided on the Bitlife Challenge page, “This challenge is not a regular challenge, it’s a cool challenge. It’s, like, soooo fetch!” Let’s look at the requirements and how to complete the Mean Girls Challenge by first joining the Mean Girls Clique.

How to Join the Mean Girls Clique

Below are the requirements you need to fulfill to complete the Mean Girls Challenge in Bitlife.

  • Be Female
  • Join the Mean Girls clique
  • Start rumors about 10+ friends
  • Turn 10+ friends into enemies
  • Insult 10+ classmates

First, in the Custom Life menu select your character’s gender as Female. Then you will have to age your character till school age. You will have to be popular in school and also increase your looks for this challenge. In the school tab, you can check your character’s popularity at every stage. You can join other clubs like basketball club or even the cheerleading team if you are fit, depending on your athletics. Make sure your looks are also high by hitting the gym and keep upgrading your positions in the club to increase your popularity faster.

Once you reach almost 80%-90% popularity and spread rumors about at least two of your friends, then you can attempt to join the Mean Girls Clique. Make sure your popularity is higher or equal to Mean Girl’s popularity. From the cliques, you can check how popular the Mean Girls Clique are and then try joining them.

How to Complete The Mean Girls Challenge in Bitlife


Once you have joined the Mean Girls Clique, you need to start rumors about your friends. You can do this from the Relationships tab, and you can see a list of all your friends and other family members here. Select friends you want to start the rumor about. In their menu, you can find the rumor button, click it to start spreading a rumor about them. You have to at least spread rumors about 11 friends.

Next, you need to turn your 10+ friends into enemies. To do that you can select them from the Relationship tab as mentioned above, and change your status with them to an enemy. Now as you made 10+ enemies out of your friends, the part of the challenge is to insult 10+ classmates. To do this you can go to the school tab, select your school, click on the class tab and find the list of all your classmates there. You need to select your classmates one by one and click on the insult tab.

Once you have done all these steps, you have won and completed the Mean Girls Challenge.

That’s all there is to do to join the Mean Girls Clique in Bitlife and complete the Mean Girls Challenge. If you are curious to know more about other careers in this game, and other fun things to do in Bitlife check out our other guides like: