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Biomutant: Can’t Rotate Nodes In Rotation Puzzle Error Fix

Find out how to fix the can't rotate nodes bug in Rotation Puzzle for Biomutant.

Some players seem to be facing a bug for the Rotation Puzzle in Biomutant where they can’t rotate the nodes. While it is not a game-breaking error, it is surely an annoying one. So, let’s find out how to fix the Rotation Puzzle bug.

How to fix the Can’t Rotate Nodes Rotation Puzzle Error in Biomutant?


To fix the Rotation Puzzle bug you will have to reload your previous save point. As of now, this is the only way to fix this bug. Due to this bug, you can’t rotate the nodes of any of the Rotation Puzzles such as the Fry-Sparkers.

Biomutant: Rotation Puzzle Can't Rotate Nodes Bug Solution Fix
Reload an older save file in Biomutant to fix this bug.

This bug also seems to halt your progress as you need to complete some of the Rotation Puzzles which makes it really annoying. Make sure you keep manually saving your game after each major checkpoint in the game. Doing so will ensure that you constantly log in your progress. So, in such situations, when the need arises you always have something to fall back on.


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Maybe in a future update or game patch, this issue might go away but as of now, there is no other fix. And, yes curse as much as you want but you will have to set back your progress a bit if you want to go ahead. I guess someone wise once said you have to take one step back to jump ahead 2 steps, which actually turns out the same as taking one step, but, who am I to say anything.

So, this is everything you need to know about how to fix the Can’t Rotate Nodes Rotation Puzzle Error in Biomutant. Now that you are here find out how to unlock the Airglider or how to destroy the Boomhut.