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Biomutant: How To Solve Microwave Puzzle

Turn the knobs in the right direction to solve the Microwave Puzzle in Biomutant.

Each of the 5 Microwaves you will come across in the Old-World of Biomutant will have a puzzle you need to solve. Luckily all 5 have the same solution, so you won’t have to scratch your head too hard. So, let’s find out how to solve the Fry-Sparker Microwave puzzle.

How to solve the Microwave Puzzle in Biomutant?


Biomutant: How To Solve Fry-Sparkers Microwave Puzzle
Turn the knobs as shown in the image.

To solve the Microwave Puzzle you will have to turn the knobs in the order given above.

  • Turn the bottom right knob such that the yellow arrow faces downward.
  • In the bottom left knob, turn the knob such that the white arrow faces down.
  • For the upper left knob, turn it in such a way that the yellow arrow is on the bottom and lines up with the yellow arrow of the bottom left knob.


You can switch between the knobs by using the left analog stick on console controllers and using the W, A, S, and D keys for PC. To turn the knobs using the L/R keys on the back of controllers and the Q/E buttons for PC which will be shown on the screen.

Once you do this successfully you will see a ‘completed’ message pop up on the screen. This will indicate that you have solved the Microwave Puzzle.

If you want to find the 5 Fry-Sparkers you will have to go to the Old-World map. These are the 5 locations you can find them in:


  • Bricktown: In a shop with a cow logo.
  • Krossway 4E: House on top of the hill just northwest of Domp Outpost.
  • Freek Isle: Just south of the Rokoblok Outpost.
  • Suburbia: In a house in the center of the village.
  • Blazebase: Go to the top floor of the tallest building.

This is everything you need to know about how to solve the Microwave Puzzle in Biomutant. Now that you are here have a look at how to break metal walls or how to restore Ki energy.