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Biomutant: How To Restore Ki Energy?

Let’s see how to restore Ki Energy in Biomutant.

Biomutant will have you going from village to village to collect items and defeat enemies. The Combat here is more inclined towards martial arts than regular fire-arm driven combat and dependent on Ki Energy. With multiple attributes and Psi-powers available for characters there is a lot your character can do during the fight. Ki energy becomes important as it will impact what you can and can not do during battle. Let’s see what is Ki Energy and how to restore it in Biomutant.

How To Restore Ki Energy In Biomutant?


Biomutant Ki energy
Ki Energy is Biomutant’s version of the Stamina bar. KI energy can be restored by various consumable items your character will find during his journey. Players will need Ki energy to dish out mutations, special attacks, Psi-powers, and also to simply dodge attacks. This makes it important during the battle. Almost all the consumable items you find during your due course can be used to restore Ki energy as Ki energy restores during battle as well as outside battle. Energy packs will give you a good chunk of Ki energy. Look out for them and consume all the consumable items you can get.

Ki energy also restores when you resting or just walking in the game but that increase is very minimal. The Intellect attribute directly affects the Ki energy. In case you keep exhausting the Ki energy meter during battle it’s a sign that you should give more points to the Intellect attribute. The Intellect attribute not only increases the maximum storage limit of the Ki energy but also increases its refill speed. Giving more points to the Intellect attribute will increase the storage space and also the regeneration speed of the Ki energy. If your character is a Psi-freak then you should focus on Ki energy as they are the most dependent on it.

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