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Biomutant: How To Upgrade Weapons And Armors?

Let’s see how to upgrade your Weapons and Armors in Biomutant

While Biomutant is a combat-heavy game, but the combat here is slightly different. While in other games players can only craft weapons here you can craft as well as upgrade your weapons and armors. Weapons and armors both have two factors material and quality. Upgrading any of these will proportionately upgrade the weapon or armor. Rarity is a third factor which is a combination of both material and quality. Check the Rarity factor to know the how the impact of the upgrade on the weapon. Let’s see how can you upgrade weapons and armors in Biomutant.

How To Upgrade Weapons And Armors In Biomutant?


Biomutant weapons armors upgrade
Players can upgrade their weapons and armors using the Workbenches in Biomutant. While in the due course of the game you will defeat many enemies and capture their Outpost. Like many other resources in the game, you can find the Workbench as well at the Outpost. Players can also find Workbenches in small villages and towns. The people of the town won’t stop you from using the Workbench. Look for big floating balloons, the workbench is above them. The balloons will have a rope tied to them, climb the rope and you will see two workbenches, one for the armors and one for the weapons. Press the button on the screen to interact with the Workbench and you will be able to upgrade the materials as well as the quality of both weapons and armors.

The difficult part isn’t the how to find and use the Workbench, it’s the resources you will need to upgrade. Upgrading your weapon and armor will require a lot of different items and resources. Collecting all of them very tedious, especially when you know that you can craft new weapons and armors with less than the items required to upgrade. We would recommend you to upgrade your weapon or armor only if you are too comfortable with it or it goes too well with the attributes and class of your Character. Otherwise crafting new weapons and armors is much recommended at least for the first half of the game.

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