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Biomutant: How To Get A Mount?

Here’s how to get a Mount to travel faster in Biomutant

Biomutant is spread across a wild world which you will have to cover multiple times while coursing through the main storyline. Getting a mount is the best way to travel in Biomutant. Mount means taming a wild animal and then riding it to travel faster. The process of getting a mount is different in various games and Biomutant has a couple of ways to do it.

How To Get A Mount In Biomutant?


Biomutant mount
The first time you will be able to tame an animal is after completing the first quest of the game. After completing the quest and defeating the enemies head to the Outpost and you will find a wild animal. Head towards the animal and press the button on the screen to interact with it. It will tell you to get a Pip plant for the animal. You can find the pip plant nearby in the bushes and all around the open world of Biomutant. Refer to the photo above, the blue fruit in the bush is the Pip plant. Once you have the Pip plant go back to the animal. Interact with it and you will get a mount for yourself.

Another way of getting a Mount is by buying them using the in-game currency. Players can buy a variety of Mounts from Shopkeepers or Vendors. These Shopkeepers can be found all across the world of Biomutant. One definite place you can find them is the Outpost. Every Outpost has a Mount seller, and you can just head up to them and buy it using the in-game currency.

Biomutant mount
There is a different type of Mount called the mechanical mount available for players in the game. These mounts are unlocked through the various quests in the main storyline. You will get these as you progress in the game.


Players can see all the mounts they have collected under the “Transport” tab. You can also name them and summon them from the transport tab. You can summon any mount anywhere in the game and it will come to you, as long as you are on land.

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