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How To Unlock The Airglider In Biomutant?

Here is how you can get an Airglider in Biomutant.

Unlocking Airgliders in Biomutant will help you explore the maps and travel great distances easily. It will be a pretty handy gear to have and will help you glide across saving time and shortening distances. So here in this guide, we will tell you how to get the Airglider in Biomutant and what quests will you have to complete for that.

How to Get the Airglider in Biomutant?


You will have to complete a side quest called ‘The Mirage‘ to get the Airglider in Biomutant. This will be given by a character called Mirage. Below is one of the locations of the Mirage in Biomutant.

The Mirage Location

Go to the above location and you will see the Mirage standing in the location randomly at any spot. Approach him and simply interact with him to start the side quest ‘The Mirage’. This side quest will teleport you back into one of your childhood memories. Here you will have to fight a character from your past and complete the ‘Flashbacked‘ main quest.


It does not really matter if you win the fight in this quest or lose it to get the Airglider in Biomutant. It will have no effect on the reward and you will still be able to make a choice. Just complete the entire fight and then you will be met with the reward o[ptions. This quest has 4 options are automation functionalities. They are Health Injector, Power-up, Pew-pew pang, and Airglider. Out of which you can only choose one. Here, choose the ‘Unlock the Airglider’ automation functionality. If you want all the four automation functionalities, you can complete the mirage quest 4 times and get all of them as well.

Airgliders unlocked Biomutant

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