How To Get Bio Points In Biomutant?

Use these two methods to get Bio Points in Biomutant.

Biomutant, upon its launch, has been able to get the player hooked. The creativity with the characters and the game environment, in general, is something new. The character in the game can be equipped with a number of abilities which are known as mutations in the game which need currencies like bio points. These mutations result in your character up-gradation and skills that they unlock as they progress. You can go about these in 2 ways: Biogenetics and Psi Powers. They both need different currencies to unlock the abilities. For Biogenetics, you will require Bio Points to unlock the skills. Getting these bio points can be a tough task. So in this guide, we will tell you how to get Bio Points in Biomutant.

How to get Bio Points in Biomutant?

There are two ways to get and farm Bio Points in Biomutant:

Find Bioblob containers

Bio Containers

Bioblob containers are the loot chests that you will find in the game that are randomly spawning. To find them, you will really have to wait it out. This is because Biomutant is slow for the initial two hours of the gameplay and you will not be coming across a lot of loots initially in this stage. As you progress through the story, you will see that the numbers of these chests are increasing. You will receive one bio point per Bioblob Container.

Kill Bio Creeps

Biocontaminated Creep

Killing bio creeps would give you Bio points as drops. These Bio-contaminated creeps are usually found in the Biohazard zones. These zones are easily identifiable by the environment color turning green. Mork is one such creature in these zones that will drop the Bio Points. You will get one bio point per Mork that you kill. The game also features Mega Morks which will drop 3 Bio points upon defeating them.

So that is all for our article on how to get Bio points in Biomutant. If you would like to know about the Mercenary class DLC in the game, make sure you check that article out too.