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Biomutant Mercenary Class DLC Pre-Order Guide

Here is what the Mercenary DLC has to offer in Biomutant.

Biomutant recently released their launch trailer and the game looks promising. A number of revelations about the game were made including the classes of the game including the Mercenary Class DLC. There are 5 default classes that are available with the game. Mercenary is the 6th class that is available but you will see that not everyone will have access to it. This class gives out a perfect samurai warrior vibe. The class looks fun but there are some confusions about how to get access to this class. So in this guide, we tell you how to unlock the Mercenary Class DLC in Biomutant.

How to Get the Mercenary Class in Biomutant?


Special Preorder Class Biomutant

You can only get the Mercenary Class if you pre-order Biomutant. Ordering the Biomutant DLC Mercenary Class before its launch will get you access to this class. But the DLC can be purchased after the launch as well, the date yet is not disclosed. The players will hence eventually be able to purchase it in the future. If you however want to know whether to order the game beforehand to get this class or not, here we have all the features of the Mercenary Class to help you decide.

Mercenary DLC Features


  • Dual-wield ability
  • Classic Katana weapon
  • Shorter Wakizashi blades

Mercenary Class DLC not Showing up Even After Pre-Ordering?

There have been a few glitches with the Biomutant Pre-orders and THQ Nordic has acknowledged this in a recent tweet saying they are working on it. However, you can try to start the game after opening your ‘manage game content‘ tab but that is only working for the PS5 users. The company however is working on resolving the issue.



The dual wield ability can be unlocked later in the game by the other character classes as well apart from the Mercenary class in Biomutant. But the weapons will remain exclusive only to the Mercenary Class.
Remember, you will need to pre-order the physical special edition or digital release of Biomutant. Pre-ordering the regular version of the game will not get you access to the Mercenary Class.

So that is all for our article on how to get Mercenary Class in Biomutant. If you would like to know more about gaming, head on to our gaming guides on Gamertweak.