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How To Destroy The Boomhut In Biomutant?

Complete the Bang Boomhut quest by destroying the Boomhuts at the outposts.

Once the Players choose a tribe between Jagni and Myriad, they will be at war with the rival tribes. This will task the players to take down the rival tribe’s outposts. You will have to take down 3 of the guards on those outposts and destroy a Boomhut. Upon defeating the guards, you will get a quest called ‘The Bang Boomhut’. This is when you will have to destroy the Boomhut of that locations. It might be a little confusing to take this Boomhut down, so keep reading to know exactly how to destroy Boomhuts in Biomutant.

How to Destroy the Boomhut in Biomutant?


Boomhut Location

The trick here to destroy the Boomhut is to throw the same bomb that they deploy back to them. The Boomhut is a cannot like weapon that is fixed in the wall and will shoot explosive bombs at you. As the bomb approaches your character, you will get a prompt to shoot back the bomb. This is when the players will just shoot it back to it and destroy it. Attacking the Biimhut source will do nothing. So save the time and energy as shooting their own bombs back at them is the only way to destroy them.

Boomhut Strategy


You can stand right in front of the Boomhut so you do not miss the shoot and the prompt. You can also use any kind of melee weapon to attack the bomb back to the Boomhut. This will result in the explosion of the Boomhut. There are two Boomhuts on either side of the location and both can be destroyed using the same tactic. The other will only start shooting at you once you destroy the first one.

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