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Stray Binary Safe Code (Mysterious Password)

Here's how to decode the mysterious password use the unlock code for Binary Safe in Stray's Slums area.

In Stray, you take on the role of a cat who ends up solving various puzzles. There will be a binary safe that you will encounter during your adventure (near some garbage) and that will require a safe code to open. Here the password you need to use and where to find the clue.


Stray Binary Safe Code (Password)

The Stray Binary Safe Code or Password is 1283. You will require this during your quest to find all music sheets and to listen to a sweet tune from the musician.

How to Open the Binary Safe (Clue)


While you can directly input the code mentioned above and unlock the safe, if you would like to truly live the life of the stray cat, here’s where to find the actual clue for the code.

  • If you haven’t met him already, you will, when you talk to the bartender Jacob about your Broken tracker. He will mention Eliot, a Programmer, who will fix it for you. He will give you a hint about where to find him.
  • Head out of the bar and find the place where there are two Robots covered in blankets, sitting on the floor.
  • There will be a door next to them – scratch on it and it will open.
  • Head inside, towards the glowing red arrow sign and go upstairs.
  • In that room, Eliot will be sitting and coding – meet him because this will be your first encounter with Eliot. Talk about the broken tracker. He will need a blanket to stop shivering.
  • If you show him the binary code clue that you have obtained, he will immediately decode it and tell you to find the answer in the Dufer bar.
  • Head downstairs, into the Dufer bar and jump up to the table near the bartender.

clue of binary safe code


  • Look to your left, near the red neon sign – there will be a painting. Interact with it to drop it down and it will reveal the clue.
  • That’s where you will spot the numbers 1-2-83. That’s your code.
  • Now head back to the alley way near the musician, Morusque, and interact with the safe to “Take Safe’s Mysterious Password.”
  • Next, use Digicode.
  • Input the code and the safe door should open.
  • Go ahead and take the Sheet music 8/8 from there.

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