Bile Spewers Location in Helldivers 2 and How to Kill

Looking to complete your daily where you have to kill 8 Bile Spewers? Here is the location where you can find them in Helldivers 2.

While defending the Super Earth, there are mainly two types of enemies you will encounter, the bugs and the robots. But when it comes to annoying creatures Bile Spewers from the side of Terminids manage to stand out. As their name might suggest they spew and spit out projectiles that are supposedly their bile juice. The attacks are nasty as they have an AoE effect that can slow you down even if you don’t get hit directly. However, when it comes to completing daily missions, you may need to hunt them down. So here is the difficulty and location where you find Bile Spewers in Helldivers 2 and how you can kill them.

What are the Planets to Find Bile Spewers in Helldivers 2?

How To Find And Kill Bile Spewers In Helldivers 2
Image Credits: Arrowhead Game Studios. How to Find and Kill Bile Spewers in Helldivers 2.

You can find Bile Spewers while playing on a higher difficulty and on Terminid-infested planets. The higher the difficulty the better, they typically start from level 3 which is Medium, but ideally, you should be playing on Challenging. Or if you don’t mind a little extra challenge then you can also go for Hard or Extreme difficulties. These are the planets that have a higher chance of spawning them:

  • Fenrir III
  • Meridia

How to Kill Bile Spewers in Helldivers 2

Similar to the Bile Titan, the weakness of Bile Spewers is also their belly. You can easily spot it as they are typically exposed and have no armor covering. Focus all your attacks on it. Try using grenades to deal more damage.

Killing Bile Spewers Not Counting Explained and Fix

In order to complete this daily mission you should kill the green ones instead of the orange Bile Spewers. This is because the game doesn’t count them for this mission.

That is all on how you can find and kill Bile Spewers in Helldivers 2. While you are here I suggest you also check our guides on how to use SOS Beacon, defeat Scout Striders, and get the SG-225 Breaker.