Should You Betray Huan in Starfield? (Answered)

Your choice to betray or protect Huan Daiyu in the Crimson Fleet questline impacts your faction loyalty in Starfield.

Huan Daiyu, a Crimson Fleet aspirant, has helped you navigate the United Colonies SysDef base to retrieve the ComSpike objective. When encountering Huan Daiyu as part of Starfield’s Crimson Fleet faction questline, you will face a choice – betray Daiyu to the United Colonies or protect her. This choice will affect the remaining faction quest and the final mission. So, should you betray or spare Huan in Starfield?

What Happens When You Betray Huan in Starfield?

Should You Betray Huan in Starfield (Answered)

At the end of The Best There Is mission, you’ll reach Engineering Bay 04, and Dr. Vogel will ask you to defend or betray Huan Daiyu to prove your loyalty to the Crimson Fleet. The choice depends entirely on your playstyle, but in general speaking, betraying Huan is not recommended. Here’s how you should behave depending on your journey:

If You Side with the Crimson Fleet

Players who intend to ultimately side with the Crimson Fleet should NOT betray Daiyu. She is an important contact and ally for the Fleet. Betraying her will upset the Fleet leader, Delgado, and remove Daiyu from participating in the final mission. Protecting her ensures she can aid players during the climactic battle if siding with the Fleet.

If You Side with UC SysDef

Conversely, if you want to side with the United Colonies, SysDef should betray Daiyu. Persuading Dr. Vogel that you are a new test pilot will result in Daiyu’s capture by SysDef forces. This maintains compatibility with the player’s choice to support SysDef. If not betrayed, Daiyu would oppose players during the final battle if they sided with SysDef.

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