Elden Ring Best Weapons List & All Weapon Art Skills

Looking for the best weapon and its skill to use in Elden Ring? This guide has you covered.

Elden Ring has a ton of weapons that each offer different weapon skills, but not all of them are the best. You cannot easily call a weapon bad but there is no denying that some are just under-leveled than their other variants. And choosing the perfect weapon also comes down to your playstyle and the class you picked. So in this list let us take a look at the best weapons in Elden Ring for PvE & PvP and all weapon art skills.

Best Weapons List in Elden Ring for PvE & PvP

weapon art skills in elden ring

Below are the best weapons for both PvE and PvP that you can use in Elden Ring. Remember that these weapons are ranked based on the weapons available during the Closed network testing. We will update this guide once the game launches when you find some weapons even better than these.

  • Lance: Lance is the best Great Spear available in the game right now. You should use this weapon in a two-handed mode to make the most of it.
  • Ordovis’ Greatsword: Ordovis’ Greatsword is the best Greatsword. You can use it single-handedly if you have enough strength or use it in two-handed mode.
  • Reduvia: Reduvia is the best Dagger available in the game as of now. This weapon is fearsome as it inflicts bleed damage.
  • Twinblade: The best Double-edged sword is Twinblade. It is recommended you use it with both hands even if you might have the strength to wield it with one.
  • Shortbow: The best Light Bow in the game is Shortbow. This weapon is ideal if you want to use a ranged weapon.

All Weapon Skills in Elden Ring

Below are all the known weapon arts of the weapons introduced in the closed network testing. Thanks to Fextralife for information on these Weapon skills.

  • Blood Blade: You can use this skill when using the Reduvia dagger. It costs 4 FP and launches a stream of blood ahead of the user. You cannot charge this skill.
  • Square Off: You get this skill while using the Longsword. It costs 8-12 FP and you can use be it in two modes. The first does a horizontal slash followed by an upward slice. The second does a running thrust. You cannot charge this skill.
  • Step In: This is the skill you get with the B*st*rd Sword. It costs 12 FP and you cannot charge it.
  • Ordovis’ Vortex: This skill is unique to Ordovis’ Greatsword. It costs 15 FP to use and you can charge it. You use a vortex to deal a medium-sized AOE damage.
  • Spinning Slash: You can use this skill with the Scimitar or Twinblade. It costs 6-12 FP and it is not chargeable. You do a 360 spin attack, that turns into a 720 spin attack if you hold the button.
  • Hailstorm Sword: This is the skill you get with Dragonscale Blade. It costs 25 FP and you cannot charge it. You can cast a bolt of lightning with this skill after applying lightning & ice effects to the blade.
  • Barbaric Roar: You get this skill when using Club.
  • Wild Strikes: You can use this skill with Battle Axe.
  • Charge Forth: You can use this skill with a Winged Spear or a Lance. It costs 13 FP and is not chargeable. You use this skill to do a piercing charge to the enemies.
  • Barrage: This is the skill you use with the Shortbow.

That covers this list of the best weapons in Elden Ring for PvE & PvP and all weapon art skills. You should also check our other guides on how to use a site of grace, how to level up and how to get more Flasks in Elden Ring.