Best Weapons In Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Ranked

Want to get the best sword for Clive in FFXVI? Here are the top five weapons and how to get them in FF16.

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) has a plethora of weapons, but only choosing the best swords will help Clive dominate the fights. In this game, you will come across ferocious enemies like the Flan Prince among other Notorious Marks, Morbol, and more. Fortunately, you can unlock and craft stronger swords as you progress through the game. These weapons, along with your Eikonic abilities, will determine the outcome of battles. In this guide, we will rank the five best weapons in FFXVI.

Top 5 Best Weapons in Final Fantasy 16

Here’s our list of the best swords in FF16:

  • Everdark
  • Defender
  • Ragnarok
  • Gotterdammerung
  • Ultima (the best weapon in FFXVI)


Everdark Sword
Image Source: Lootward on YouTube
  • Attack and Stagger Damage: 315

The last one on our list is the hauntingly beautiful Everdark sword. This is the final Eikon weapon that you can get in the game. To craft this weapon, you’ll need Dark Shard x1, Icebrand x1, Meteorites x8, and Sharp Fangs x400. The Dark Shard is a rare material and you can only get it by defeating the Odin.


Defender weapon in FF16
Image Source: Lootward on YouTube
  • Attack and Stagger Damage: 320

In FFXVI, the Defender is an upgradable sword, with potential higher than the Ragnarok. You can upgrade its stats to 300 at the Black Hammer forge in Cid’s Hideaway. Moreover, you’ll not need any crafting materials to get this sword. All you have to do is reach the “Streets of Madness” quest and purchase it at Goetz’s shop for 5,000 Gil.


Ragnarok Sword
Image Source: Lootward on YouTube
  • Attack and Stagger Damage: 325

The iconic Ragnarok sword has appeared in many iterations of the Final Fantasy franchise. Its design has altered across installments, where it also appeared as an axe in FFXIV. In this game, you can get this sword by completing all the Blacksmith’s Blues side quests. Unlike most other weapons in FF16, you don’t have to craft it. However, you’ll need it to craft the two strongest weapons in the game.


Gotterdammerung in FFXVI
Image Source: Lootward on YouTube
  • Attack and Stagger Damage: 375

There is a stark difference between the stats of this weapon and the Ultima. However, if you’re playing the FFXVI campaign for the first time, then the Gotterdammerung is the best weapon you can get.

To craft this weapon, you must complete all four Blacksmith’s Blues side quests. You’ll get the design of this weapon, along with the Ragnarok. The materials required to craft Gotterdammerung are Darksteel x2, Orichalcum x3, Primitive Battlehorn x1, and Ragnarok x1.

Ultima Sword

Best Weapon in FF16 Ultima
Image Source: Lootward on YouTube
  • Attack and Stagger Damage: 700

The Ultima sword has the highest Attack and Stagger stats, making it the best weapon in FF16. However, you cannot get this sword if you’re playing the campaign for the first time. It’s part of the NG+ mode, which requires you to complete the story at least once.

To craft this sword, you’ll require the Ragnarok sword, Utterance of Creation x1, and Ultima Weapon Crafting Materials x3.

These are the five best weapons in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16). Apart from these, there are more swords that you can get early in the game, so check out how to get all swords in our FFXVI guides section.