Best Video Game Movies Of All Time

Video game movies haven’t always fared well but that hasn’t stopped filmmakers from trying to condense a game that takes anywhere around 20-60 hours to complete and then compile it in 2-3 hours at max.

While this hasn’t worked out so well in the past, a new trend is being set where video game movies are performing great at box offices and due to their popularity because of the games, these movies have blown away the competition at times.

Here we list out all the best video game movies that have entertained us and stayed in our memories. We have only listed out movies that have been inspired by Video games and not the other way round, so as long as the games have been the source of inspiration we have considered the film.

Best Video Game Movies Of All Times

Mortal Kombat

While it is hard to justify why Mortal Kombat gets to be the first on the list, you have to acknowledge how big of an impact Mortal Kombat has had on pop culture and while Mortal Kombat was redefining the fighting genre in the early 90s. A film was created around the same phenomenon with a plausible plot and okayish characters.

Mortal Kombat does not have terrific acting, blockbuster action, or even breathtaking CGI but it was the film that got a lot of attention. Mortal Kombat film brought video game enthusiasts and cinephiles together and introduced the franchise to millions of new people worldwide.

This generated a lot of attention and has since cemented Mortal Kombat’s legacy in the video game hall of fame.

Detective Pikachu

As soon as it was announced that Ryan Reynolds was going to be in the Detective Pikachu film, the hype for the movie went up through the roof. No one knew much about the film except for the fact that Ryan Reynolds would add his quirky touch to Pikachu, one of the most beloved characters of all time. This came after Deadpool’s massive success, giving Detective Pikachu a dream opening.

The filmmakers stayed true to the source and gave Pikachu his iconic hat from the games and added it up with some of the best CGI models of Pokemon seen in films. Detective Pokemon was a safe attempt at making video game films aimed at children with lots of cuddly monsters running around.

The recipe for success made Detective Pikachu one of the highest-grossing video game movies of all time and we’re hoping the sequel comes out soon.

Angry Birds

It looks like Angry Birds was one of the first games that burst out on the mobile gaming platform where all you had to do is fling birds with a wooden slingshot and destroy the structures occupied by pigs.

While this was a fun activity like never seen before on a mobile device, the filmmakers did not stick to that one aspect of the game and created a wonderful plot involving all the major characters in the game.

This resulted in one of the biggest releases of a video game movie but it also helped spawn out a sequel. Angry birds were no longer something that you had to enjoy on a phone screen but something you can watch on the silver screen and get the same amount of job wrapped up in 2 hours.

Tomb Raider

Now like the games, the movies too have been rebooted, and while Angelina Jolie’s performance was well appreciated. Alicia Vikander created the role in her mold giving the sense of unpredictability and danger with every step she took.

Tomb Raider franchise has grown with each generation of video game consoles and the movies have too. Angelina Jolie’s attempt at Tomb Raider featured her along the lines of one of the most badass women on the planet, while did things opposite.

Vulnerable and resilient, Alicia gives a memorable performance in the Tomb Raider and it is one movie that as a video game fan you probably shouldn’t miss.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil movies and games go a completely different path but along the same universe of things. The star in the movie being Mila Jovovich’s Alice stealing the show. The movies are over the top and while there isn’t the same sense of danger and fear in the movies, the reliant of jump cuts and amazing action scenes make the Resident Evil series one of the best popcorn thrillers you can get your hands on.

The games featured characters like Redfield Twins, Leon Kennedy, the movies focus on Project Alice, another Umbrella Corp initiative that goes wrong as you’d expect and Racoon City being in the center of it all.

The decision to stray away from the video games to create an identity of itself is probably what made this into a money-making franchise as both these properties of Capcom were not competing with itself. There were few resemblances and you can have a pretty good time watching the Resident Evil films on a boring day.


Rampage works a lot because of Dwayne Johnson who can create blockbusters out of nothing but there is an emotional connection in the film when you see Johnson’s character react and gel with the CGI characters in the film.

Rampage is based on a 1986 video game that most people who saw the film didn’t even realize but the difference in the film and video game is that while all three were meant to destroy the city, George the Gorilla helps heroically save the city.

You can expect to see some of the best high action scenes that define the genre, a huge blockbuster worthy of its worldwide acclaim for the special effects and fight scenes, Rampage works off without a hitch and is a great film to watch. Rampage works best when you watch it for the first time, but repeated watching will soon take off its magic, so save it for all your group movie nights.

Silent Hill

There is something about the horror genre that easily translates from video games to films, Silent Hill was yet another film made on the basis of the video game where you have to find your daughter who has gone off into the city.

As creepy for all the right intention the video game is, the film also brings this feeling out and it stays throughout the film. Though Silent Hill may not be the scariest movies of all times, it has a dedicated audience that swears by it and the pyramid head scenes are always difficult no matter how many times you’ve seen it before.

Silent Hill broke the mold that all video game-based films are bad and we cannot stop recommending this movie if you haven’t seen it ever before.

Ratchet and Clank

You’ll be forgiven for forgetting that Ratchet and Clank film ever existed because when compared to the game, this film loses its charm and that is a massive downgrade, but if you are someone who has never played Ratchet and Clank then the movie somehow feels not so bad.

Ratchet and Clank is weird, silly, goofy and the most important thing is the fact that it is a fun watch, its just not comparable to the game. However, if you just judge the movie on its own merits you will find tons of moments of joy.

We discovered that Ratchet and Clank has a ton to offer when you let the film speak for itself and how harshly could you even judge a film made for kids. It is a hit and a miss at times but does wonders if you have a child who wants to see something new.


World of Warcraft is an ever-increasing phenomenon and Hollywood saw this opportunity to cash in and create a film about the game which helped make it one of the best video game adaptation of all-time.

There are legions of fans of this MMORPG adventure and has a huge bank of narrative to fall back upon and create a fantasy tale for the ages. While the movie wasn’t as good as the game, it isn’t bad either.

While the question of any possible sequel is still in the air, you should check out Warcraft just to get the perspective of some of the characters in the game and see the world of Warcraft through a different set of eyes.


Sonic has been one of the biggest video game franchises of all time, so there was always going to be a Sonic film sooner or later. This live-action version of Sonic hits all the marks that you would like to see the speedy hedgehog do.

Each aspect of the film is carefully crafted and Jim Carrey steals the show with his portrayal of Dr. Eggman, Ben Schwartz’s voice acting as Sonic is amazing and supported by James Marsden makes the film a good adventure for most.

Sonic, features an absurd about of chases as you would expect from the speed demon and there are moments of brilliance in this film that will be unexpected and will surprise you. All in all, Sonic is a wonderful film to sit down with the family and watch a light movie that will leave you pleased.

These are the best video game movies of all time, while we did leave out some films it was really hard to come up with only the 10 best films that take their inspiration from video games.

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