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Best Games Like Skyrim To Play in 2023

It isn’t an easy task to create games like Skyrim but thanks to the vastness of our gaming industry, a few games have come pretty close. Not every game is going to have the same longevity, rather you can check out similar themes and tones are displayed.

Games like Skyrim don’t get made often, with such vast RPG elements involved, classes that have their own set of goals and achievements to unlock, though there have been some that managed to bring a new flavor to a similar game structure that resembles Skyrim.

You will find tons of characters to interact with, go on huge adventures, fight from dragons to nuclear-mutated monsters, and so much more.

If you loved spending each minute playing Skyrim, you will definitely want to check out the following games that are like Skyrim.

So get ready for an adventure for a lifetime, as these games will weave a story like no other and teleport you into a fantasy world that is unparalleled.

Here are the best Games like Skyrim to play in 2023

1. Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Let’s jump into the best RPG game that will certainly give Skyrim fanboys a run for their money, while not exactly as customizable as Skyrim, Witcher 3 will certainly give you a lot to think about as you progress in the main storyline.

Witcher 3 will win you over with its story, you will feel a bond created with each of the characters in the game. Each one has a purpose in the game which is completely fleshed out and there is a strong case for them to do what they’re doing. While you play as Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher slaying demons and uncovering this amazing story that plays out like a novel.

2. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Legend of Zelda has lived through generations and is probably singlehandedly the reason for the popularity of the Nintendo Switch console. This game starts out with amnesia but this colorful adventure will take you through everywhere Link has been through in the past, revisiting the same places with a different perspective.

This helps add another dimension to the Legend of Zelda games of the past and current generations, discover Hyrule again and get to discover new weapons and everything else a century apart.

3. Horizon Zero Dawn

Imagine a world coming back to life after a more advanced species of human beings comes to an end, and out of it. You find yourself in the midst of this story with no understanding of why everyone considers you as an outcast. Aloy’s story is similar and it hits all the notes to be perfect.

Horizon Zero Dawn challenges you to take chances and see that your abilities far proceed than what you would have believed. Horizon Zero Dawn is the game that feels like a reset button that destroyed humanity but such is the human will that it found a way to continue.

4. Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is along the same lines of the known world ending as we know it but this one is with humans being a little bit proactive, and surviving in the nuclear fallout. Fallout 4 shows a lot of similarities with Skyrim as being from the same developer helps but this new game exchanges primitive weapons for nuclear-powered ones giving you a bleak look into the future.

Fallout series has been growing with each installment bringing new avenues for players to discover, each game focusing on different aspects of a world torn apart and brimming with creatures like you’ve never seen before. A great way to escape from dragons to something that no one can explain.

5. Dragon Age: Inquisition

If you miss dragons a lot then Dragon Age: Inquisition might be a great alternative for you, Dragon Age Inquisition is the third entrant in the Dragon Age series and probably the best one out there. EA and BioWare have been working tirelessly to deliver this colossal project.

The storyline is eerily similar is explained in short so we won’t focus on that but what you need to is the fact that Dragon Age Inquisition takes things forward where Skyrim used to limit players. There are things that will completely blow your mind and this is a great game if you want something similar to Skyrim.

6. Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

If you are one who does not want to take on the mantle of being the Dragonborn but still wants to get a very close experience of Skyrim, then the prequel, Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion will work best for you. Just like Skyrim, Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion was ahead of its time and was released way back in 2006.

While you don’t have to battle dragons in this, there are other pressing matters at hand and this one is surely one that you should not miss. Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion shows the stepping stones Bethesda took before making Skyrim and how and why Skyrim grew to what it is today.

You will often be surprised as to how the NPCs interact with you as this was one of the first games to give AI to NPCs and this has blossomed into them having their own set of agendas and things that make them lifelike.

7. Dark Souls III

If you’re in just for some medieval unforgiving combat then Dark Souls III should be on the top of your list, Dark Souls series has been known all over the world as the most punishing game series in the world, coupled with a medieval theme Dark Souls III will soon win you over.

Like Skyrim, you have massive responsibilities on you and only you can save the world from plunging into utter chaos. The enemies in Dark Souls III keep on getting bigger and the game will actively try to punish you for each mistake that you make, creating a personality of its own but also reminding you of how close to death you are at all times.

Dark Souls III is a magnificent game, but it lacks the RPG element. Though this is the least that resembles Skyrim, the medieval theme will surely keep you reminding of the latter.

These are the best games like Skyrim that you can get your hands on right now, but you do have to keep in mind that while these games do not give the exact experience of Elder Scrolls Skyrim, they each have a personality of their own and you should definitely play all of these if you haven’t.

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