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Pokemon Movie: The First Detective Pikachu Live Action Trailer

The all-new Pokemon Movie trailer is out. Earlier Nintendo just revealed the brand new and unique Pokemon video game for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS – ‘Detective Pikachu’. The video game is a mystery point-and-click style adventure where players take control of a young man named Tim Goodman. Just after Tim’s father disappears, Tim Goodman stumbles upon a talking Pikachu (who by the way is also a detective). Tim and Pikachu plan to team up and start the mysterious journey of solving the Pokemon cases along with the case of Tim’s father.

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Ryan Reynolds will be taking the role of Detective Pikachu’s voice. Do watch the trailer below to see what all you can expect from the live action film. As far as the released date is concerned we haven’t just seen yet. As per the rumors we can expect it out in theaters by end of 2019.

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