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Halo Infinite Campaign Best Upgrades For Your Gear

Looking for the best upgrades for your gear in Halo Infinite Campaign? Check out this guide for it and also learn the order in which you should upgrade them.

When you are playing the Campaign mode of Halo Infinite you will get many upgrades for your gears. But not all upgrades are equally useful, and knowing which upgrade to get first can actually affect your progression. It can affect by making the game slightly easier. So without further ado in this guide let us check the best upgrades for Halo Infinite Campaign and in what order you should get them.

Best gear upgrades in Halo Infinite

best upgrades for your gear in halo infinite campaign

  • Voltaic: This is an upgrade for the Grappleshot and costs 1 Spartan core. When you get this upgrade you can stun the enemies to whom you grapple. This upgrade is powerful in itself but the next upgrade is what is even important.
  • Quickshot: Another upgrade for the Grappleshot, this one costs 2 Spartan cores. It reduces the cooldown of Grappleshot by 40%. That makes this gear very overpowered.

You can choose the below two upgrades based on your playstyle. If you like more evasive and speedy gameplay then you should upgrade your Thruster.

  • Afterburner: It costs 1 Spartan core and adds another charge to your Thruster. That means you can use it twice before it goes for cooldown.

If you like to play a bit slow and feel like you are having trouble in fights then upgrade your Shield Core.

  • Fortress: This upgrade costs 1 Spartan core and adds a 15% extra shield. It will come in handy if you take a lot of damage in fights or if you are playing on a higher difficulty.

Remember if you choose to upgrade Thruster then next upgrade your shield and vice versa. Now back to the order of best upgrades.

  • Seeker: This is another handy upgrade that only costs 1 Spartan core. It enhances the detection radius of your sensor by 50%.
  • Swift Shelter: This upgrade like most on this list also costs 1 Spartan core. It reduces the cooldown of Drop walls by 20%. While Drop walls might not feel very useful but they can come in handy when you have no cover.

After these initial upgrades, it is recommended that you first upgrade your Grappleshot completely. Once that is done you can choose to upgrade any of the other gears in the order of your choice.

That sums up this guide on the best Gear Upgrades in Halo Infinite Campaign. If you just started playing this game then check out our beginner’s tips & tricks guide and if you are near the end then our guide on how to beat Escharum can help you.