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Halo Infinite How To Beat Escharum Boss Guide

Looking to rescue Echo 216? Check out this guide to learn how to beat Escharum in Halo Infinite Campaign.

A fair and challenging boss fight is what determines how good a game is. And luckily Halo Infinite Campaign mode passes this test. Master Chief faces many foes in this game, but not every foe is equally formidable. Escharum on the other hand is quite troublesome. So if you are having trouble defeating him or are looking for some tips before you challenge him then you are at the right place. Let us take a look at how to beat Escharum and defeat him in Halo Infinite Campaign.

How to Beat War Chief Escharum in Halo Infinite

defeat escharum in halo infinite campaign

There are three phases in this boss fight. And while phases 1 and 3 use more or less the same strategy, phase 2 is where things get interesting. So let us take a look at the individual phases of Escharum and how to defeat him. Also, learn about the general tips that you can use in all the 3 phases.

Escharum Phase 1

how to defeat escharum phase 1

This is the easiest phase as you have to do two things. The first is to run around and use cover as much as possible. And the second is to shoot at him. In this phase, Escharum will chase you but at a somewhat leisure pace so you only have to look out for his gunfire. The moment you get an opening start firing at him to deplete his health. Repeat these steps until he activates his shield. Once he brings up his first shield the next phase starts.

How to defeat Escharum Phase 2 in Halo Infinite

how to eliminate escharum phase 2

Like I mentioned above things get interesting here, that is because until you take out the shield you can’t damage Escharum. Here you will get the help of The Weapon aka Cortana, as she informs you that in order to damage him you will need to destroy the Relays or the Power Cells. Destroying the Relays will bring his shield down, once the shield is down the fight will play more or less like phase 1. There are a total of 4 Relays that you need to destroy before activating the third and the final phase.

Remember DO NOT attack Escharum when his Shield is up, as it will transfer the damage to Echo 216. The best way for you to destroy the Relays is by luring Escharum away from them and once he is far enough break them. Grappleshot will be very helpful in this fight. Once you destroy all the Relays and deal enough damage he will bring out his Gravity Hammer. That is your cue that the third and the final phase has begun.

Escharum Phase 3 Guide

how to beat escharum phase 3

This phase is super easy if you can maintain your distance. It is also the most annoying if you are unable to avoid his attacks. Unlike the gunshots from the first two phases that slowly chip away your health, the hammer will deal a ton of damage in a single hit. So it means game over if you aren’t careful. But that is where the tough part ends.

Be sure to put your Thrusters and Grappleshot to good use and you will be able to create distance easily. And once you have an opening start dealing damage. Another helpful thing about this phase is Escharum will attack in a straight line. That means if you time and aim well you can get a lot of headshots.

General Tips on how to Avoid Getting Hit and Recommended Weapons

The phases in themselves are pretty straight forward so this section only has four tips for you.

  • Use Grappleshot: It is your best friend in this fight. You can easily create a gap between you and Escharum when used correctly. Not only will this help you avoid taking damage. But the greater the gap the more time it will take for Escharum to get to you. And that means you have more room to deal as much damage as you can before you start running again.
  • Take Cover: This is also a basic tip but one that you should keep in mind. In the first two phases, Escharum will use a ranged attack so even when you create a gap between you and him, it isn’t impossible for him to hit you. That is where covers come in, if you are mindful of your surroundings you can avoid getting hit.
  • Use Shock Rifle and Plasma Grenades: Even though you can beat him easily with any weapon by following the above steps, you will get an extra advantage in the battle with the help of certain weapons. The Shock Rifle and the Plasma Grenades deal more damage compared to other weapons. Although you can also use Skewer and Rocket launcher when fighting him.
  • There is no shortage of weapons: The area in which this battle takes place is filled with weapons for Master Chief to use. So when you are running around take a gun which you think will help you the most in that phase.

That covers this guide on how to beat Escharum and defeat him in Halo Infinite Campaign. Now that you have beaten Escharum, take a break from Campaign mode and play some Multiplayer. Check out our guides on how to get the Abbey Lime Weapon Coating and how to get hidden multiplayer modes in Halo Infinite.