Best Trident Enchantments In Minecraft

Here’s a list of the best enchantments you can use with the Trident in Minecraft.

Trident is one of the best weapons you can have in Minecraft. Players cannot craft it and the only way to get it is by waiting for a Drowned to drop it. Important weapons are difficult to get and the same is the case with the trident. Once you have the trident make the most of it by adding the best enchantments to it. Enchantments are add-ons you can use on your weapons in Minecraft to increase their capabilities. No matter which weapon you use the Enchantment you combine it with has a major contribution to its final impact. Let’s see what are the best Enchantments you can use with your Trident in Minecraft.

Best Trident Enchantments In Minecraft

Minecraft Trident enchantments

Here is a list of Enchantments you must use with your Trident:


Mending is one of the best Trident Enchantments in Minecraft. It keeps refilling the durability bar of the Trident as long as you keep gaining XP points using it. This makes your item last longer which is why it is so important.


This enchantment keeps your Trident from breaking. This is different from mending as it will postpone the breaking of the Trident by a one-time durability boost instead of refilling the durability meter. There are 3 levels of Unbreaking, each level pushes the breaking of the item more than the previous. Level 3 will give you almost double the hits when compared to using the Trident without the Enchantment.


Impaling increases the damage the Trident dishes but only for Aquatic species. This might not sound exciting, given that you find the Trident in the sea you will be using it the most there. Impaling has 5 levels and with every increasing level it takes you closer to concurring the seas of Minecraft.


Channeling is an enchantment that only works when there is a thunderstorm. Using channeling with the Trident will strike the target with Lightning also when you hit them with the Trident. Keep in mind this enchantment only works when there is a Thunderstorm.


Trident when coupled with the Loyalty enchantment makes it come back to you when you throw it. This will enable you to attack all the enemies at a distance and also help you not losing your Trident. Loyalty can be upgraded to three levels.


Trident used with the Riptide enchantment helps you travel along with the Trident. When you use the Trident with the Riptide enchantment underwater or during rain you will travel with it. This is a great option for flying as well as quick traveling in the game.

This was all you needed to know about best Trident enchantments. For more, head over to our guides on the best Sword, Armor, Bow and Pickaxe Enchantments.