Best Storage Options In Palworld

If you are looking to increase the storage capacity at your base in Palworld, then here are the best storage items from chests to storage sets and containers that you can craft in the game.

There is a lot to explore in Palworld and a lot more resources to gather and items to craft, however, storing these items would be the worst of the problems if you don’t have enough storage options at your base. Since there is only a limited amount of weight that you can carry around with you, handling your inventory is important. Fortunately, for that, you will come across tons of options from wooden chests to storage sets to even containers. However, figuring out which ones would be the best to store all the items can be quite a hard task.

While early on, you can make do with the wooden chest you unlock at the beginning, as you forage for more resources you will need a bigger container and storage options. So if you want to know which are the best storage items in Palworld, that you can craft to manage your inventory accordingly, then here is a guide you should check out further.

Which Are the Best Storage Items in Palworld?

Which Are The Best Storage Options In Palworld?
List Of All The Best Storage Items In Palworld Including Chests, Box, Containers, Etc (Image Source: Quick Tips on YouTube)

Since there are a lot of storage options including chests, cabinet sets, containers, etc, we have divided them into the best ones you can get early on, mid-game, and in the later parts of Palworld accordingly. With that being said, here are all of the best storage items in the game:

Wooden Chest

The Wooden Chest unlocks at level 2 and is the best storage in Palworld for early games since it provides around 10 slots in the game. You will be able to store your resources inside the chest early in your campaign.

Wooden Barrel Shelf

The Wooden Barrel Shelf is part of the Wooden Tavern Cabinet Furniture Set which you will be able to unlock at level 8. It is one of the best early-game storage sets that you will stumble upon in the game. That said, the Wooden Barrel Shelf itself provides around 15 slots and can be crafted using x70 Wood and x10 Stone.

Antique Wardrobe

Similar to the Wooden Barrel Shelf, the Antique Wardrobe is the part of the Antique Storage Set that you will unlock at level 14. It increases your storage capacity by 20 more slots at your base. You will be able to craft it for x70 Wood and x5 Nails.

Metal Chest

Metal Chest would be the first storage option that you will come across once you have progressed a little further in Palworld. It offers an increase of 24 slots for which you will need to craft it using x30 Wood and x15 Ingot in the game. Players will unlock the Metal Chest at level 16.


Alongside the Metal Chest, you will also be able to craft a Locker from the Metal Shelf Set in Palworld. It increases your storage capacity by another 20 slots in the game. However, you will need to have x30 Ingot and x3 nails at your disposal.

Large Container

Once you have grinded enough levels and your base is full of pals and much more stable with resources, you will be able to craft the Large Container in the game. This container will let you have around 40 more slots increasing your inventory space and you will find storing items much more easy. You will unlock the Large Container as a part of the Storage Container Set at level 32 and you will be able to craft it using x100 Ingot. It is one of the best storage containers that you will find for now in Palworld.


If you are looking to store food items and prevent them from rotting in Palworld, then the Refrigerator will help you avoid the situation with ease. You can unlock the food storage option at level 38 and it offers around 25 slots for the items. It can be crafted using x15 Ice Organ, x20 Polymer, x50 Refined Ingot, and x5 Circuit Board.

Refined Metal Chest

The Refined Metal Chest is more than just an upgrade from the primary wooden chest and the mid-game metal chest that you will be able to craft. It offers another 40 inventory slots for you to store items more efficiently. However, you will need to be level 39 to unlock it. Players will also need x50 Wood, x20 Nails, and x20 Refined Ingots to craft the Refined Metal Chest.

That’s everything covered in this guide. If you find this guide helpful, we have a lot more in store on our dedicated Palworld section, right here on Gamer Tweak.