Best MLB The Show 23 Stadium To Hit Home Runs

If you want to hit home runs then you will need a stadium with a high elevation level. Check out the best stadium to use in MLB The Show 23.

Stadiums play a vital role in MLB The Show 23. Though making a profit is important, your stadium should also mirror your style of play. Your stadium should have a high elevation level and must also not be too big if you’re focusing on getting home runs. Luckily, the stadium that we have chosen has the highest elevation level in the game. Our guide will show you the best stadium that you can use in MLB The Show 23.

Best Stadium to Hit Home Runs in MLB The Show 23


Shield Woods Park is the best stadium in MLB The Show 23 right now. The stadium has an elevation level of 5,281 feet. This makes it one of the highest-elevated stadiums in the game. It is one of the best stadiums to hit your home runs. So, don’t worry, the ball will fly out of the field quite easily. This is because Shield Woods Park has a relatively smaller field with short walls as well.

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The best part is that Shield Woods Park is free. You don’t need to buy stadiums compared to the previous MLB games. However, keep in mind that Shield Woods Park is a Minor Leagues stadium. It also has a capacity of only 12,500. If you prefer getting the best stadium from the Major Leagues, Classic or Team, then check out the options below:

  • Coors Field – Capacity 50,398 (Team Stadiums)
  • Comiskey Park – Capacity 32,000 (Classic)
  • Forbes Field – Capacity 25,000 (Classic)
  • Muehlebach Field – Capacity 17,500 (Classic)

That’s everything covered on the best stadiums to use in MLB The Show 23. We hope that this guide managed to help you choose your favorite stadium. While you’re here, visit our MLB The Show 23 section for a complete walkthrough of all features in the game. Here, you will find guides like the best Prospects in Franchise Mode, how to Farm More XP, best Ballplayer Perks and more. Go on then, hit it out of the park!