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How To Farm XP In MLB The Show 23

Here is how to farm more XP in MLB The Show 23.

Want to know how to get XP fast in MLB The Show 23? Then you’re at the right place. Everyone is in the rush to complete the Season 1 XP Reward Path. But for that to happen, you will need to accumulate loads of XP. If you feel that playing matches in various modes is the only way to guarantee XP then you are wrong! Here are the best ways to farm XP in MLB The Show 23.

How to Get XP Fast in MLB The Show 23

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Whether you are playing Road to The Show or Diamond Dynasty, you will need a lot of XP to progress. So, without further ado, here are some of the ways to get XP fast in MLB The Road Show 23.

Complete Program Tasks with Program Players

Firstly, the best way to get XP is by completing Program Tasks in Road to The Show. You will also get Program Stars in return. These can be then traded to get in-game rewards like free The Show packs, perks, and other equipment to make your Ballplayer overpowered.

Complete Events in Diamond Dynasty

Always watch out for new Online Events in Diamond Dynasty. There are always new events around the corner that can guarantee you a huge amount of XP. Start playing more matches in online mode to get XP fast.

Change MLB The Show 23 Settings

Some minor changes in your game setting can also help you earn more XP. Most of these changes are aimed at making you waste less time thereby completing more matches. Here are the settings you need to change:

Presentation Mode: Fast Play

Pitch Selection Cameras: None
Batter Walkup: Off

Player Lock Options (Includes RTTS)

Player Lock Fielding Opportunities: None
Player Lock Baserunning Opportunities: None
Player Lock Game Flow: Skip to Next Appearance

Along with that, you can also change the Gameplay, Hitting, and Pitching Difficulty to something lower.

That’s all you need to know about how to get XP fast in MLB The Show 23. While you’re here, check out more such guides in our MLB The Show 23 section.