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Best PC Horror Games For Halloween 2020: Phasmophobia

Check our list of the best pc horror games for Halloween 2020 starting with Phasmophobia. Keep coming back for daily horror game updates for PC

We’ve kicked off our list of the best pc horror games for Halloween 2020 with Phasmophobia, the game is absolutely amazing and delivers on all fronts of the horror genre as well as investigative elements.

Phasmophobia quickly rose to the charts upon release and endeared itself to millions of players worldwide, what’s more, fascinating is that it was developed by a one-man team and is easily one of the best games released in 2020.


Best PC Horror Games For Halloween 2020

Phasmophobia will have you investigate haunted locations and your task will be to get rid of the ghosts and spirits that have been disturbing players. Our main reason to have it as one of the best pc horror games for Halloween 2020 is the fact that you can play with your friends and the ghosts can listen to your voice and react accordingly.

Each clue that you solve will take you one step further closer and this brings up a ton of anxiety as danger looms around every corner. There are multiple ways where you can trap a ghost but one of the most anxiety driving elements is calling out the name of the ghost.


The Hunting phase of the ghost puts on the reversal where you will need to hide and carefully communicate with your teammates. You will not only learn a new way to play horror games but having the ability to completely immerse yourself in the environment where even your voice can get you in trouble is a breathtaking new element.

best pc horror game for halloween 2020 phasmophobia

There were a lot of games that we’ve been arguing with ourself but after a lot of back and forth, we had to include Phasmophobia as the first best pc horror games for Halloween 2020.


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Everything in Phasmophobia feels responsive and reactive, every tool that you bring in your arsenal will have its need, and depending on the ghost type you come across, there will be added challenges.

Phasmophobia is something that we couldn’t keep down even after weeks of playing the game and we highly recommend players to check it out. Another surprising twist about the game was the fact that it allowed content creators to record their true reactions.

Every jump scare, every door creak sound, and ghost sighting will have your heart rushing, add this with friends and you’re in for a great weekend. Hands down the best horror game released ever and it looks like in the future there will be a ton of additions to the game.


There’s no story per se in Phasmophobia, but what it lacks in a campaign it delivers wholeheartedly in the co-op gameplay. The game brings Ghostbusters and Ghost Hunters together where you can take part in the spooky adventure. The allure and magic of Phasmophobia don’t end quickly and it will keep on drawing you back to the game every single day.

Phasmophobia is easily the best pc horror game for Halloween 2020 and if you already haven’t checked it out, there’s a lot that you’re missing out.