Best Terraria Mods For Content & QOL (2023)

Looking for the best content or QOL mods to improve your gameplay? Find out the best Terraria mods along with how to download and install them.

If you want the best Terraria Mods, you might be eager to enhance your gameplay with various new content. As the modding community has got our backs with the best quality of life, and content mods for the popular sandbox game. Be it a beginner, or an experienced veteran, modding offers more features and can alter your gameplay in different ways. You might have either completed or just started with the game. However, some mods can improve your experience to the next level ranging from minor to major tweaks. But what are the best content and quality of life or QOL mods for this game? And how to install these mods? Check out our guide to find out the best mods to install and use for a better gameplay experience in this game.

Best Terraria Mods (2023)

Here are the best content and quality-of-life (QOL) mods for Terraria:


best terraria mods

For players looking for more features, Calamity is a massive-sized content mod that adds many hours of endgame content within the vanilla progression. With a new class, structures, biomes, songs, and recipes, this mod also features more challenging difficulty modes. Furthermore, the Calamity mod adds over +1880 new items, +275 enemies, 24 bosses, six biomes, and post-moon Lord content into Terraria. All of this makes it one of the best Terraria Mods available right now.

Boss Checklist

best terraria mods

While playing modded Terraria, you can lose track of the in-game bosses to deal with. That’s where the Boss Checklist mod can come to your rescue as it supports mostly every popular mod. Soon as you beat a boss, this checklist will be updated accordingly giving you a track of the bosses you must defeat next.

Terraria Overhaul

Rather than adding new content to the game, Terraria Overhaul adds new gameplay mechanics and revamps the entire in-game content. Being a colossal-sized upgrade, this mod adds new seasons, emotes, player movement, and different gameplay systems like dodge rolls and more. While enhancing the gameplay, the Overhaul mod incredibly changes the various combat mechanics. Be it ranged, melee, or magic combat, this mod intricately makes the game more immersive.


Like the Calamity and Overhaul mods, the Thorium mod adds another massive-sized content for Terraria. Alongside new bosses, enemies, and NPCs, this expansive mod adds three new classes with extensively balanced content. So, try out this mod if you are looking for fresh and challenging gameplay.

Mod of Redemption

Like all the massive content mods, the Mod of Redemption adds a variety of different new content into the game. But while adding new NPCs, bosses, and enemies, this content mod also adds events, lore, and several in-game vanilla changes. With a variety of new hard modes and Post-moon Lord bosses, the Mod of Redemption is a must-have for players looking for more difficulty.

How to Install Terraria Mods

You can download and install various mods by installing the tModLoader as a free DLC from the Steam website (link). Being an all-in-one mod manager, you can manage and use your mods more conveniently with the TML. As a community-made mod with consistent updates, it is also supported by the developer, Re-Logic. So, you don’t have to worry about any balance issues. Once you and your friends install the tModLoader, you can play Terraria altogether without any issues. But vanilla players won’t be able to join the players using TML.

Note that the tmodloader supports versions 1.3 as well as 1.4 and can be played alongside vanilla Terraria.

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