Which Are Best Mirror Of Night Upgrades In Hades

Spend Darkness only on best Mirror of Night Upgrades in Hades.

Mirror of Night Upgrades in Hades is equivalent to skill tree or abilities in any normal RPG game. In the Underworld, the skills of Zagreus can be improved by spending Darkness in the Mirror of Nights. You can collect by simply progressing in the game. You complete any mission, you get Darkness, you go fishing in the game, you get Darkness, you defeat any boss, again you get Darkness. So collecting an adequate amount of Darkness is not the challenge in Hades. The actual challenge is choosing which Mirror of Night Upgrade to use that Darkness on. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled this list of best Mirror of Nights Upgrades in Hades.

Best Mirror of Night Upgrades in Hades

Below is the list of best Mirror of Night Upgrades. The upgrades which are on top of this list doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best ones. Every upgrade has its own benefits and disadvantages. Hence, which is the best actually depends on your game style. We have just made some clarification along with the benefits so that it can help you make a better decision of which among these are the best Mirror of Night Upgrades for you.

Death Defiance

Death Defiance grants you 50% life once your health has completely gone down to zero. It is like being Undertaker, coming back from the dead. So basically you don’t die after dying, instead, you are back on your feet with 50% health still there.

You can use a total of four Death Defiances per run. The cost of upgrading Death Defiance Mirror of Night Upgrade is 30 for the first upgrade and then 500 and 1000 for the next two.

Chthonic Vitality

Chthonic Vitality allows giving additional life to Zagreus whenever he enters a new room. When completely upgraded, Chthonic Vitality can give three lives. This increases the run of Zagreus by increasing the amount of damage he can take. The first upgrade costs only 10 Darkness, the second costs 20, and the last one costs 40 Darkness.

Greater Reflex

Greater Reflex is one of the best Mirror of Night upgrades if you are very quick. It allows Zagreus to use an additional Dash on the enemy. The first upgrade costs only 50 Darkness.

Dark Regeneration

Dark Regeneration allows players to restore some of the health as they continue to collect Darkness on their run. With Dark Regeneration maxed out, Zagreus can restore 30% of the collected amount per rank.

Thick Skin

Thick Skin as the name gives out is a health upgrade. Similar to Death Defiance and Chthonic Vitality, Thick Skin allows players to take additional damage before dying. It gives Zagreus an additional five life total’s. Thick Skin can be upgraded 10 times with each upgrade costing a total of 625 Darkness.

Infernal Soul

Infernal Soul is another best Mirror of Night upgrade that adds one cast shard to Zagreus’ ammo. It can be upgraded two times with the first upgrade costing 20 Darkness and the seconds one costing 80.

Those were the best Mirror of Night Upgrades in Hades. Besides Mirror of Night Upgrades, there’s much more in the game that you need to learn to progress quickly. You can read our Hades boss guides to easily defeat several bosses such as Meg the Fury, Lernaean Bone Hydra, and Hades.